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March 25, 2009


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Betty Jo

Move over Bo, I Just might beat you to this cabin! OMGosh what gorgeous possibilities. It actually reminds me of a small cabin Frank and I lived in years ago. We had a beautiful dogwood tree and stream right outside our bedroom door, and wild azaleas grew in profusion around the property. We only rented, but so loved that little place. ♥


Oh Jeanne...what a sad little visitors in two years? Someone...somewhere...ought to move in, fix it up and enjoy time there!!!


ps...just thought I'd pop in today!


Good morning Jeanne...Did you hear me cackle out LOUD?? least it comes with satellite dishes, a porch swing & a waterfall. How sad & lonesome it looks, but with a little...well, okay... a lot of TLC I could see it being a sweet little cabin again. I hope someone will come & save it soon...the property around it looks like it could be really nice...Mr. Bo says we'll buy it for FIVE...dollars... This was a great post & I hope you didn't hurt your knee while taking these pics.... Big hugs, ;-) Bo


Hi, Jeanne! Oh, that is great little place...what a fun cabin! It is such a pity the owners haven't been around and it's going to see. Nice little fix'er up'er there! Thanks for taking us along :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))


Aaawww such a cute cottage. To think it was owned by a couple. They must be real sweet. I'm sure the new owner (will it be Bo or Betty Jo?) will feel the love in the air combined with their own. Just look at it. Such a darling, full of love!


Jeanne, I love the homey touches on the outside. Too bad on that flowerbed... Lovely shots you took!

Lisa Shatzer

Such a charming place. It's too bad it's not being enjoyed by someone.


An empty, neglected house is so sad because you know there's been an unhappy event that keeps the owner away. (sigh) When you said that the wife died, I nodded.



What a neat place! That's sad about the cabin and the lady's death. It's probably lonely for him to go there without her. I've read that most men don't do well alone. Case in point, my uncle. If it hadn't been for my youngest cousin who went to eat with him every day for months and months, he would have been in serious trouble. I credit his love for his dad with saving his dad's life. But he would take one of the kids over to eat with him nightly. His wife would usually be running the other two kids to some activity.

That would be great if Bo could buy it! I can see her fun touches there!!!

I'm up for air finally. Am SO tired. I'm slowly making rounds. I have missed you, and I want to thank you for checking on me and for sending love and prayers. They have been felt and are appreciated more than you know. :-) I'm just hoping I can catch up with blogging. I feel so far behind. But I will do a little every day. I was up late again last night, and I slept till almost noon! At least I slept, right?

Sending much love to you, sweeet lady, and big hugs, too!


Sheila :-)


Happy Outdoor Wednesday Jeanne! A sad house..but I bet it has many stories to tell!
Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan


Hi Jeanne,
This is a great post, It would be nice to see this cabin all prettied up so as to come alive again, I imagine it could tell some great tales of long ago. The bushes blooming are pretty also, I really enjoyed your age pondering today,made me smile!! Blessings,


Jeanne, that white bush is an old-fashioned spirea.

Betty Jo

I had today's post running around in my head when I visited you this morning and saw that quote down there. I laughed right out loud, as it was so perfect for my post. Love your posts and quotes! ♥


Hi Jeanne. So glad your getting better every day. You must have been tired and sad after that walk.
I would surely fix it up and be your neighbor...oh my, could you imagine I would be close to you and Miss Bee and Beverly and well...there would be no need to ever blog again. lol
Now I know where you picked those yellow flower/branches from. Ahhhh
Happy OW
If you liked my bunny's today, make sure you drop by later tonight or tomorrow for the whole bunny sitting on Tablescape Thursday. i'll let you bring the black jelly beans...I love them also but, they don't fit in my decor so they are hiding haha
Love you

kathy b

Jeanne, your place is so cute and then you have this place as a neighbor. It could be so nice if it was loved by someone who could take care of it. Tis sad but everything deteriorates without care.

Kathy b

Theresa@TakeASentimental Journey

What a cute little cabin.That poor man.It is sad isn't it.


Watch that step is right! Oh that forsethia is amazing! I would love to have a huge bunch to put in a pitcher. So glad you stopped by to see me.


What possibilities! Hopefully someone will rescue this cabin. I loved the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth Marchus

What a great piece of property!. It would be a dream come true for someone like me that loves to fix up homes. Very sad about the owners.
Have a wonderful weekend,

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