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July 27, 2009


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You must be exhausted, but it looks like a lovely trip. This store is one of the best. I like the blue and white ginger jar. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

What is the value of my teacups?


The Stone Rabbit looks like a shop I'd like to visit, Jeanne. I love that sweet blue and white lamp.

I hope you have a happy Blue Monday, and get some rest today. There's just no place like home, is there!


Girl, I cannot believe you guys drove all the way home. I had visions of you spending the night in Nashville.

I'm at home today. Give me a call when you're functional. ;-)


What fun you must have had. It looks like the trip was wonderful and enjoyed by all. Have a wonderful day.


Oh my gosh, Jeanne!! You already know how much I love Nell Hill's.

I've met Mary Carol Garrity a few times and know what a wonderful person she is and masterful at what she does! I hope to get to go again, one of these days, since some of the kids are moving out that way. So happy you enjoyed and what a great thing for you all to get together!

What a fun job to be a stylist for MCG and Nell Hill's! Dreamy...

Cailin Yates

What a fabulous day! Good friends, fun shopping! How wonderful. The store has some lovely things


Oh my, so much to ooh and ahh over, plus meeting friends! What a perfect time!


Jeanne Happy Blue Monday. Your a wonderful group to say the least.
Love Claudie


Hi Jeanne! I'm so glad I had a chance to drop by your blog for a visit today and see this wonderful photo of you and Dana! These are all fantastic photos -- that store has some delightful things that would have tempted me to buy them :-)
So sorry I haven't been by for a while to visit... summer activiites and caring for my Mom has kept me off the computer lately. It looks like you are having a wonderful summer...enjoy! Hugs, Pat


Really love the lamp. You made some nice pictures.
Have a nice day, Annemieke


O, this looks like such fun...I'm so glad ya'll could get together like this.
I am having lunch with a blogger buddy first meeting with a blogging friend...I won't tell who tho, until I can blog about it...heh heh heh.....
Loved all the blues...


Hi Jeanne! It's been so long since I've posted but now I think we've got most of the bugs worked out :0).
Loving the blue! Especailly those sweet doggie book ends and that lamp :0)
How are you doing? All healed? I surely hope so. It sounds like your summer has been one busy and fun time. We've been uber busy as well trying to squeeze in as much fun with the kids as we can before they head back to school. It seems like the summer is really flying by this year.
Take care, "see" you soon! Missed ya!


I didn't see you taking all of those BLUE pictures while we were shopping!!! :)

Yes, we did have a wonderful time, didn't we? I LOVE my candle with the timer--it scares me every night when it comes on!!! :) I think I'm going to get two more so I'll have 3 to put on my mantel.

Wow! I can't believe you guys drove straight through---that Bill was determined to get you back home as soon as possible, wasn't he? So glad the Royals won a game for you---I called them and told them they'd better, cuz you and Bill had traveled so far to see them!!! :)

Get caught up on your sleep---I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your KC photos!!! L, Dana

Alauar Parrish

Hello Jeanne; Oh how lucky you all were,,, sounds and from the photos you had a lovely time. I just love all the beautiful Blue eye candy... the Ginger Jar is my favorite,,,, ooooo to have that in my home..... sigh...

thanks for showing the photos,,, what a group of lovely ladies....


Diane@A Picture is Worth

Hi Jeanne,
Looks like a great time! Love your photos! :) Diane


Beautiful blue. Nice post!

Theresa@TakeASentimental Journey

Oh Jeanne I love those birds too ! And put that pink lamp on my list too, LOL !!!!!


Hi Jeanne
I'm glad you had such a good time in Kansas City. I love the store!
Hugs, Rhondi

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