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October 07, 2009


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Gosh, Jeanne. There are so many to choose from, but I believe my favorite is the next to last.

This is a great post and reminder of a very important subject. Thank you.

And, love you.


Good Morning my friend!! What a cute post for outdoor Wednesday! I don't wear hats unless I'm working in the yard or out in freezing weather, but if I did it would have to be the navy and white polka dots!! Then you'd have to get one too so we could be twinsies and have everyone look at us funny!! HA!!!

Have a lovely day, Jeanne!! You're such a sweetie!
Love ya,


What?!?!?!!!??? And mess my "DO"???? Ain't happening to this chick, sugar! Hah. Your hat selection is darling however should I ever relent.


What a great reminder!! Some of those hats are really CUTE!! It is definitely getting closer and closer to your bringing the new puppy home. I am so excited for you.

To answer your question....there are countertops around the fridge and Midnight jumps on the counter then on up to the fridge (cause she gets in trouble if I catch her on the countertop). I don't know of any WAY to keep cats off of things that they want to be on, so I always just clean & sanitize my countertop before getting food out or cooking. Who knows how much, between two cats, that they have been up there :(

Sandy B

I love hats; and I guess I'm one of the fortunate people who look good in some hats. I find them bothersome in summer because they can be so hot (but I wear one). Fall, winter and spring, I sport many hats; and I usually try to pin a lovely brooch to the side to dress it up. I have a great little brown cordoroy hat out right now that I paid $2 at a thrift shop; the gorgeous pin that's on it was 20 times that cost!!


What a clever post. I, by the way, love hats, so your post has my name written all over it. I hope you are having a wonderful day.


Mr. Magpie and I try to remember to wear hats outside. Our heat here in Florida is so intense, it makes sense. It also helps to shade your head from heat stroke.


Sheila :-)


I am loving the navy and white polka dotted hat! I love hats! Thanks for sharing.

~ Tracy

Pat@Back Porch Musings

Great advice and gorgeous hats! I love hats!


Clever post mom. Christina


it keeps saying the dedlaine has passed for her to submit the review, but it has not (today is 10-4-11), in fact, I see on your homepage that it has been extended until tomorrow. She and I have both tried calling the 800 number to find out what the problem is, but so far have not been able to get through. Can you please help me?

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