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August 08, 2010


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Ouch! I imagine that it is a very painful surgery, and I hope that she'll be fine once rehab is finished.

Happy Blue Monday, Jeanne.


I hope she recovers quickly.

My Blue Monday.


Ooo...that does sound painful. Poor Andrea to have to go through all that... But so glad all is going well. Do hope she makes a great recovery! Happy you all have had such a good time in spite of all... Happy Days to you all, Jeanne. ((HUGS)) Oh, don't forge to send me your addy so I can send off that gift bracelet. :o


Happy Blue Monday, dear Jeanne - and Andrea, too. I know you two are going to miss each other. And, I'm going to miss being able to speak with Andrea.


O, I know just what she is going through...Mr. Sweet had this same surgery about 15 years ago and he really went thru some pain with it. He is really good at doing rehab and such so he doesn't have much trouble now. It is still a little stiff at times (but he was much older than your daughter when he had it done). Good luck to her.

You have really had a busy summer, Jeanne...hope you get to take a breather every now and then. :)

Ann Creek

She's had a lot of good TLC from you, glad you could do that. Hope she is recoving soon.


Be safe and stay cool, my Dearie, and a swift recovery to your Andrea!


I trust things continue to go well for you daughter. With you as her nurse, she will be just fine. You take care as well, and may both of you be blessed.


I hope Andrea is healing up quickly. I'm sure she is ready to begin rehab and get her movement back. It is great that you have been able to take care of her during her recovery.♥


Tell your daughter to get well soon!! Happy Monday!

Blue Monday


OUCH! That last photo looks painful!!! I hope Andrea makes a great recovery. . . .shoulders are rough! I think I told you it took over a year for my shoulder to finally heal. . .and it was nothing like Andrea's. I'm glad you two have had some great mother/daughter time together.....sorry it was because of her surgery! :)

It's SO hot here. SO many days of temps in the 90s....nearly 100. I'll bet your relatives aren't thrilled about getting back to KC!!

Yes, I do love my new computer! I am finding more and more I can do with it each day! I want to start my classes, soon, but it's too hot to travel across town to do that. I'm staying close to home. So many folks are breaking down on the highway from engine issues or blowouts.

The Breakfast Group will be meeting on Mon. a.m. (also Bonnie...she went to Weight Watchers to lose over 20 lbs!!....and Marian) at the restored retro bowling alley on The Square.....for my Bowling Birthday Bash!!! :) It should be fun!

Gotta get ready for exercise class....have a safe trip!

L, Dana


Good luck to your daughter! Glad she has someone to look out for her. Have a safe trip.


Shoulder pain can be pretty painful! Hope she has a speedy recovery!

Hope all is well with you-I am going to try to get back into the blogging loop!

Missed ya! :)

Rebecca Coon

Happy blue Monday-it;s my first time and I'm just stoppin by to say hello!


I truly feel for Andrea and hope she makes a full, speedy recovery - thank goodness you have been there to help! I had my shoulder injury cured with physio alone early this year - well I hope it's gone for good because it was so debilitating and painful!

Missed you dear and know you will be happy to get home. I'm off again this Fri., more on that later - but must say I'm anxious to get away from this still unbearable heat!

Love and hugs - Mary

Beth at  Aunties

I wish Andrea a quick and full recovery. I have taken care of parents who have had this painful surgery and understand her desire to start the therapy. She is so lucky to YOU for her mom to help her recover, as are your other wonderful children.
I wrote to wish your son a Very Happy birthday and my new computer ate it twice!!! I am back again and going to see if your site will accept me.
Hope your trip is safe and enjoyable one,

Theresa@Take A Sentimental Journey

Hi Jeanne, what a beautiful daughter you have.And she has the best nurse in the world taking care of her,YOU ! My momma has been taking care of me too,I might be 60,but I still love my momma taking care of me. I am alittle better,but will have more chemo Monday,a long 6 hr. treatment.Please keep me on the prayer list. Love ya girl.

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