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September 05, 2010


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I love to wish couples a happy anniversary! Today so much is against us more mature folks and everyone seems to think it is ok to laugh and make fun of us. Well, I won't take it and I wish this beautiful couple another 50 years of marriage! Life is so grand with ones we love! I always pray for Gabe too. Kepe me posted about him. Hugs Anne


Happy Anniversary to Randy and Sharon! What a couple they are, Dear Jeanne!! You can see their sweetness in their faces.
Hope you're having a nice weekend.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)


And my Congratulations to the Happy Couple on such a Milestone!!!

Jeanne feels like family, so I suppose you both have a sorta relative up here in the Heartland---what we called Down South "Last Cousins."

Anyway, Best Wishes from some Acquired Kinfolks!!



Oh what a wonderful family, Jeanne! Happy Anniversary to Randy and Sharon. I salute them cause 50 year anniversary is very rare occurrence....Christine


Happy Happy Anniverary! Nice to see your family!


Happy Anniversary to Randy and Sharon.

Your parents would be so proud to see you are gathered in love.


Happy Anny! It's really great to see how close your family is-enjoy!


That's a BIG number! My good wishes go out to Randy and Sharon. I remember how much you love her like a sister.

Happy Blue Monday, Jeanne! Check out my book giveaway.

Carmen Trine

What a wonderful day to celebrate our love for our dear brother and his love. We are so proud of everything they have accomplished together. Everything was beautiful and everyone had a fantastic time.some came from Kansas,Michigan, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky and North Carolina. The only sad part of the day was that it ended so soon. HAPPY 50TH RANDY & SHARON
Love always Carmen & Family


What a celebration that must have been. That was/is a special anniversary. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday. Blessings...Mary


Best wishes to your brother and his wife for this accomplishment. That does not happen as much as it used to. They are very blessed and seem happy. However, I feel sorry for your brother having all you girls to contend with.

Linda Hill

Wonderful family photos and an anniversary to celebrate! 50 years is rare now-a-days. Thanks for sharing, Jeanne Love, Linder


It's so nice to see a couple reach fifty years of marriage. Congratulations to them.
The foth card with flowers is so pretty.


Happy Anniversary Randy and Sharon

and Happy Blue Monday Jeanne

Mrs. Magpie

Happy Anniversary to your dear ones, Jeanne! That's a wonderful number! :-)

I just posted info on Mr. Magpie's surgery on my blog, but I hope you will pray for him. We leave in a few to go stay at the hotel at Mayo. Rushing, but wanted to drop by and give you a cyber hug.


Sheila :-)


Hi Beautiful Friend! Oh how I have missed my visits here! I finally got my shop opened and now have time to visit friends!! Hope all is well with you! What a fun celebration! Congratulations to them!! What a wonderful accomplishment in this day and age! My hat is off to them! We are at 31 years next month, and I can hardly believe that!!!

Love and hugs to you sweetie. Sure love seeing your smiling face!


Congrats to your brother and SIL on their wonderful anniversary!!! Wow! I thought we were married young...nope, they beat us by a lot! :) I LOVE that photo of all of the siblings....I keep telling you this over and LUCKY you are to have such a big and close family!!!

Gotta get ready for a visit and overnighter from the grands!! I am going to make a ANNIE dress for the gr. girl for her HWeen costume. I bought a vintage pattern at the flea mkt the other day and am going to try to make it look like ANNIE!! Bought the fabric yesterday! Don't know know much I will get done with a 1 yr. old crawling around! :)

Have a great day!! L,Dana


I did see this beautiful Anniversary story, but I think I was stuck again in the comment section. I must have walked away from the computer. I always have to open your page in Firefox. Randy doesn't even know why.
Isn't it cool that we both attended 50th this summer? Not often I do that.
You all look GREAT and YES I LOVE YOUR HAIR... but then you always look great Jeanne.
Do you know I spoke to Julie and Miss Bee tonight? YES. They were together in Van. Julie took Miss Bee to one of our fav. rest in Van. It's the Sears tower. The rest. revolves, and it's soooooooo pretty. They were giggling like 2 little school girls. Oh and Julie made Miss Bee take her shoes off and jump in the fountain lol
She's now part of the "sisterhood". Oh I just wanted to cry, cuz I wanted to be there soooooo badly. Instead I was moving Riley. That went well. Deb (my sis) and her hubby Bill (great name lol) went out after to a great little Italian place. I'm stuffed.
Colt had a great 3 hours on his first day in UNIVERSITY... not College, a little diff. that yours. Great stuff. Randy starts his courses Monday. He crashed today while I was gone. Not going in the pool as much is a problem. It helped him sooooo much. I told him we MUST get a hot tub for the summer and that's that. I just can't go through the crashes again so often.
Off to bed to read a book. I need to do more of that than this : )
Love You

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