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October 18, 2010


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Jeanne, It was so great meeting you. Blogging brings people together in the most delightful way. Your pictures are fantastic. I hope we can get together again. Hugs, Penny


Jeanne, I know you and everyone had a wonderful time. I sure there was a lot of fellowship and fun - and a lot of chatting.

Love to you, dear friend.


This is like having all your favorite magazines arrive all at once, with a layout of a fantastic party! I know Y'all had a fabulous time, and it's so nice to put names to faces, for I enjoy several of the blogs already.

And it's great to see the guys participating---Chris would have been right in the middle of that---he's the embodiment of Never Meets a Stranger. What a delightful gathering!!

love and,

Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Lavender Hill Studio

Jeanne, I had so much fun hosting this event! I am honored and thankful for you, your husband and all of the other bloggers and husbands that came to my home. Thanks a million!

Auntie E

Looks like a wonderful party and all look within my age group. Love to go to one, I will have to think about hosting one. All the food looked great and of course what blogger would be without her camera. Thanks for sharing.
My Blue Monday link for you

Mrs. Magpie

Looks like fun, Jeanne! And now I am starving for some quiche.

I'm glad you got to meet Sam as she was invited to the Florida party for Claudie but was having some serious back issues and couldn't be with us.

This makes me miss you SO much! We need to do another Florida party some time, too.

Happy Blue Monday...


Sheila :-)

black eyed susans kitchen

How very wonderful and amazing that such friendships were forged from blogging. It looks like you ladies had a great time Jeanne, but so unexpected to see the husbands there too. So I am curious...what do all of the husbands think about their wives blogs and blogging? Would have loved to be a fly on the wall at that restaurant. Penny was clearly a gracious host...everything looks delicious.


Oh Jeanne, what a supper day that was! Everyone looks so happy.

You made me LOL with the shot of the husbands-of-bloggers and their cameras. LOL... Johnny would've been right there.

Happy Blue Monday.


Lord! My big head of hair was blocking you!!! lol!!!! We had so much fun!!!! We need to do this again!!!!

Take care!


That was such fun, wasn't it. I'll put my pictures up hopefully tomorrow if anyone wants copies. Take care friend.

Lavender Dreams

We really did have the BEST time! Everyone enjoyed spending time together...hope we can do it again soon! You are such a beautiful lady, with a wonderful smile! Enjoy your week! Hugs! ♥

Elizabeth Marchus

Hi Penny,
Fun, Fun,Fun! What a joyful day you all had (Party at Penny's!)..
I think it was great that the husbands came along too. In spring we will have our 1st Northern Blog get together.
Your home looks as pretty as ever..and you lovely as can be.
I am so happy that you all were able to spend the day enjoying each others company.
Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Marchus

Hi Jeanne,
I was enjoying reading everyone's posts about your day with penny and leaving notes, I got lost where I was..and sent penny's note to you..silly OLD me..
I love your photo's and the photo of the husbands taking the a hoot!
I bet you all made some wonderful friendships and memories.
Have a sweet day, and hugs~Elizabeth


I saw your head peeking out from the back row. Yes I love that shirt on you, I'll tell Julie you wore it. I have that great picture of you in it that you don't like lol
This is when I want to live in the States around N.C. or GA. or FLA. just to be able to jump in the car and go visit everyone. I feel so far away sometimes : (
Glad you had so much fun. So funny to see all the guys taking pics together lol
Well today I'm alone which is ok. I had my fun on Sat. when I went out junkin' at VV, two of them actually. Randy doesn't understand how I can kill 3 hours in one thrift store, but loves it when I come home with bargains. I found him the nicest winter coat. It's brown cord with a dark brown faux fur inside. Big brown collar, big pockets, perfect for our cold windy months coming. I also found some very interesting collar pearls OMG. I also found a shadow box. I disassembled it, took out the ugly stuff and re-did it for Jennifer's little girl in GA. Her blog is eye candy, just the stuff I love. I was suppose to try and see her while in GA., but I ran out of time. She puts on all this Southern Belle gatherings that I would attend in a heart beat. She has another event coming up in April that I will beg Randy to send me to. Actually she's the one that told me to about the bakery in Savannah that inspired Julie and I to check out. Her adopted daughter is 4 and is taking ballerina lessons. She reminds me soooo much of Brittany at that age, that I've been thinking about her. So, I made her a little something that I will show you later. I'm not blogging about it, it's not that cute, but sweet.
Colt and Randy were up till 3 am working on Colt's first essay. OMG what a very big deal it is for Colt. He had NO idea how to write a proper essay. Thank God for Randy let me tell you, or Colt would have failed. It's due today at 6pm, so they went to school early to work on it. Randy also sees the shrink again today. They have a late class, so I won't see them till 10 tonight. Of course I could do lot's around the house, but I'm just sitting here drinking my starbucks ice frappuccino, not on my diet oh oh, and looking at the river. It's been very windy, but today again, blue sky. My bush are fire red ( now that sounds funny lol). Trees are slowly loosing all their leaves. I really have to groom 3 more dogs, something I do outside, but I think it's too cold. My scissors will freeze to my fingers lol
So that's what's been happening here this weekend.
Again so glad you had a lovely time Jeanne.
So I want to know what your doing on Wed??????????? : )
I know what's coming, so let me be the first to wish you an early HaPpY BiRtHdAy to my favourite friend.


That looks like so much fun! I so hate I had to miss it. Didn't ya'll buy anything? I expected to see bags & bags & bags full of stuff. I'm so glad everyone had fun and that it was well attended!


I think your hubby got a good group photo! I always had someone hidden in mine. It was so nice to meet you, and what fun we all had.
Take Care,


Hi Jeanne,
I was led to your blog by the Pink Sasturday link over at Bev.
I know it's a little late to pay a visit two days after the meme but there are so many participants that it's nearly impossible to visit them all on one day.
I'm trying to get to know each of you a little at a time. PS is a fun way to make new blogging friends who have a soft spot for PINK. Isn't it a great color?
congrats on you wonderful blog and your delightful posts.
warm wishes from Italy


What a wonderful get together with your blogging friends. It is great that so many bloggers were there, very nice. Looks like a great time.


How FUN was that!?!? I would LOVE to meet a big group of blogging friends like neat!!!♥

Pat ~ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Hi Jeanne

I've been enjoying seeing Penny's bloggers lunch on different did suhc a nice post about it. I love all the photos and hearing about the fun you all had! I wish I lived closer so I could have attended. It would have been fun to meet you!
♥ Pat


This is a great way to meet fellow bloggers. Thank you for taking us along that could not attend through your eyes. What a fine group of ladies, and the mean are not bad either. I really enjoyed seeing and hearing about your friends.


Oh Jeanne, you post the greatest things. I am so happy when I see you left a comment at my blog. I love that you had such a sweet memory to share. I always smile here and am so happy that I know you. Please have a terrific week. Anne


sounds like a wonderful get together the food looks terrific I love to get together with the ones I love it never seems like it happens enough


What a wonderful day we had! I was so happy to finally meet you too.
Hugs, Rhondi


What FUN... and what wonderful food too... Just LOVE all those happy, smiling faces! Thanks for sharing all about it, Jeanne :o) ((HUGS))

Judi @Cranberryblossom

Hi Jeanne
I have so been having fun looking at all the great pics of everyone. You had such fun and I sure wish I lived closer I would have loved to have been there. nice. I'm glad it was such a good time.
Nice the hubbies all met too..*s*..
hope you are having a wonderful day too


Jeanne your comment made me smile from ear to ear!!! You are just a sweet heart!!!!



Jeanne, this was such an awesome event!! How lovely to be able to meet so many blogging friends! I know you all must have had a wonderful time......looks like a blast to me!!

Happy Tues. L, Dana

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