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March 23, 2011


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Very pretty...and your desserts look yummy. It's the first time I'm visiting...lovely blog.
Shel x


You covered those 3 meme's really well. I love corned beef and cabbage but Don doesn't so I'll just drool over your photo. You set a beautiful table and I'm sure you all had a great time. Heading to NC tomorrow...Yay!


Your inspiration was a cutie. He would have liked your dinner. I think there are celebrations in Heaven every day.

I know the four of you had fun. You Coulter girls do seem to have a "thing" for Bills, and you choose good ones.

You definitely got a "threefer" with this post. And now, I am hungry.


Hi Jeanne. I am Jeanne too. I found you on Vintage Thingie Thursday. I had to pop in. We Jeanne's must stick together! You table is yummy!

xo Jeanne.


Your daffodils are to die for. I love those vases you found for them. What a pretty table setting.

deb newton

I think your choices were perfect for you Boiled Dinner. Very homey and welcoming. I can feel the wamrth of the love in your home.


A nice tribute to your father. He would be very proud. I do not eat corn beef, but that sure looks good. I love cabbage anyway you fix it.


I think your table is lovely tribute to your father. The corned beef looks delicious!


I have to dissagree with you....Your placemats are pefect for this table. very simple and cute!!


Betsy Moss

Very charming table! Corned beef looks amazing!


YUMMMMM!!! Your corned beef looks awesome!! I make horrible corned's always tough. I've asked Bonnie to fix it for me before because mine is so terrible!!

I love your Golden Harvest dishes...a good buddy of mine has that pattern, too. Your place mats look great with your dishes. What a bargain on those vintage vases....filled with those GORGEOUS double daffodils! Wish I had a big ol bouquet of them on my table!! You did so well with the glasses, too! You're such a good shopper!

Tomorrow Marian, Bonnie and I are celebrating Bonnie's BD....first by hitting a flea market that's only open a few times a year..then WHO KNOWS!! We'll do what the BD Girl wants!'s supposed to be super duper nasty weather....sleet....snow....rain....cold. :( That may keep us close to home.

Gotta run...another busy day!

L, Dana


Hi Jeanne!
Yes, our new grandson was born March 22! I hope he lives a long and happy life and raise a fine family like your Dad did! :)

I make a boiled dinner every year for St. Patrick's Day and my Italian husband looks forward to it. Your tablescape looks very pretty. I'd love having a nine foot table--I may need one now with more grandchildren :)

♥ Pat

Victoria Mische

Your tablecape is our really inviting! Wish I could be part of your dramatic dinner so I can meet your family!

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