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September 23, 2011


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Susan Freeman

What fun! I am so glad you two are blogging away together. Have a great weekend and Happy Pink Saturday!

Susan and Bentley

Tami Kenner

Oh Jeanne that is so special to be with your best friend for Pink Saturday.
I hope the two of you have a wonderful time.
Happy Pink Saturday..xo Tami


How wonderful for both of you! :) Stop by The Pink Home if you get a chance; I'm having a giveaway. Happy Pink Saturday.


WOW How cool is that? What a happy weekend for both you and sweet Beverly. HI BEVERLY : )
Well sweet Jeanne. More bad news about mom. Colt, Riley and I just got back from seeing her. The boys couldn't believe what they saw. They couldn't believe the change in her. Not only was she screaming in pain, Deb and I found a bed sore on the bottom of her spin. They wouldn't have caught it if it wasn't for us giving her little wee bum a message. That what killed my mom's sister Aunty Paulette. This is most definitely a MAJOR problem now. We asked the doctor to put her on a drip for her med's. When we aren't there, she refuses to take them. She's in bad shape Jeanne. I haven't booked my ticket yet ; ( I think it will be a last minute decision. I'm so so sorry if I don't get there.
I haven't been sleeping well at all with all of this.
Now today, Brittany called. Her and David had a big argument, and David just said "this isn't working". Brittany is devastated to say the least. We will have to help her get an apt. for Oct. 1st. Poor thing. Her heart is breaking. (I never liked him anyway). She is way too good for her.
So that's the news my friend.
I hope you are having a great weekend.


HOw great to be with your best friend Beverly for pink Saturday. I thought you lived in the same neighborhood. LOL

I am typing this from Spain where we are on holidays on my little laptop Jeanne. We are are here just the two of us without TV so it is nice to be able to communicate with my family and friends.
Happy pink Saturday

Francie Thornton

Nothin' much better than spending time with a good friend !
Happy pink Saturday ladies.


Hi Jeanne,

Nice to meet you. Hope you have a wonderful visit together.

Joann Miller Mathias

Love..... love Pink Saturday!!

Susie Jefferson

FABULOUS! I'm thrilled for you - you're both going to have so much fun. Happy Pink Saturday!


WOO much fun. Ya'll are gonna spend lots of time shopping and eating..I just know it.
Jeannie, you do have ants in your pants....girl, you don't stay home long enuf to KNOW where you live. :)))
Have fun, ladies...and one day, I'd love to know how you two met!!
xo bj

Niki @MaisonMutt

What a wonderful special moment! Hope you can share some photos soon...
Happy PS!
Wags, Niki


How fun! So why didn't you tell us how you met or where and how long. You know how we like to be all up in everyone's business on Pink Saturday. haha Best Friends are wonderful, right? xoxo Nancy


Happy Pink Saturday Jeanne, Enjoy your time with your great friend! Linda


So, did your BFF save you a delicious cuppy cake for the visit? :) Again, I am so have all of those awesome sisters and you have had a BFF for years and years!! You are blesses, in deed!!

Have fun at Beverly's.......did you make some cute creations in that fabulous craft room/office of hers?

Enjoy your trip!!

L, dana


Best friends enjoying every special moment of their time. You both are very fortunate and blessed.


I know the feeling you are experiencing. My best friend has lived in Sweden for 25 years. When she first moved there we faxed just about every day, did letter tapes and sent cards just about every week. Then email came in-the best invention since sliced bread! She finally moved back last year. It is so much fun just to be able to pick up the phone whenever we feel like it just to share something trivial. Enjoy your visit. HPS!


How precious!!! So happy to hear that you had a safe trip and you are enjoying yourself!! So lovely that you 2 can write the post together. Keep having fun!


First Day of My Life

Simply Debbie

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Fall Jeanne,
That is so funny you live 5 hours apart BECAUSE I thought you shared, literally, back yards and back when I was having all that trouble blogging and could not get through to Beverly....then I blogged to you...thinking in my mind, that you lived a yard a part you could ask her but you ask me if I knew she was your best funny
I am so very happy you were able to spend time with her.
have a beautiful weekend


That's so neat that you are getting to spend this time together, Jeanne. Cherish every single moment as I know you will.

Love to you both...




Have fun Jeanie, and tell her Hi for me....I have good intentions, and always think about rejoining PS, but somehow haven't gotten around to it yet!
Diane :0)

Penny @ The Comforts of Home

Have fun you two!!

Sue out World of Pink Saturday Pinkies!!! I know Ya'll are havin' a great time. Nothin' like BFF's!!!!


I hope you besties have a great time!

Kaye Swain

Awwwww, that's so special and sweet. Have a blessed and beautiful visit in my favorite season AUTUMN - maybe a sweet wind will come up and you can even enjoy the Autumn ballet of seeing the leaves swirl and fall while you enjoy a delicious cup of tea on the front porch. :) Autumnal and BFF bliss.


You two are very lucky to have each other. Best friends are a blessing!

Esther Joy

Thanks for the reminder of how blessed I am with the friends in my life!


What fun! So glad you "best friends" were able to visit each other! Hugs, Pat

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