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November 09, 2012


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Sure wish I lived nearby to get your leftovers.

Francie Thornton

ohhhhh my. Pie heaven. Thanks for sharing the recipes and what time did you say Thanksgiving dinner is?


Oh, we love pies here too, specially hubby! We will have pumpkin one for Tksgiving. Thanks for the recipes and wishing you a great Tksgiving Holiday coming.


I've made raisin pies before Jeanne but never with the sour cream! I think we'll give this a try, thanks for the family recipe:@)


I love pie, Jeanne. Your Thanksgiving Pie-fest sounds AWESOME!!! My mom used to make raisin cream pie, too, and i always devoured it! I also love coconut cream pie and apple and peach pies. Then, there's that wonderful fruit salad you shared! Wow. . .I will definitely be trying that recipe! I think our whole family would enjoy that!

I hope you've been resting up since your time in FLA!!! I'm exhausted. Bonnie and I were gone all day. . .and I am feeling it now! We sure had fun. It was a great holiday sale (boutique). Saw several vendors we've come to know recently. . .even signed up to be on the list of vendors for next year! We made a few purchases and had lunch there, too. Then we hit a HUGE antique mall, too! We had so much fun taking our time. . .shopping. We each found a few treasures! It was a long drive home, too, but so worth the trip. We both needed to get out and about to try to get the crappy election thoughts out of our head.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful PS!! Love you! Dana


Well, sister friend, I am not fond of raisins but bet this pie would be awesome, too, with dried cranberries.

The salad looks great...we also have our traditional fruit salad....boy, I am getting hungry for Thanksgiving fare. :)
Happy Pinks...

Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers

One of the things I love most about Thanksgiving is that everyone I know has a traditional dish or two, going back generations. Your pie and salad sound good Jeanne.


This looks delicious! Can't wait to try it!


Oh, how right you are. I want a slice of sour cream raisin pie - right now - or any time. I am not a "sweet freak", but this pie gets me. Yum!!!!!!!!

And, I've been making your fruit salad for years. I've made it many times to take to events, and it is always a big hit.

Happy Pink Saturday, my special friend.♥


Happy Pink Saturday, The pies and salad look so yummy. Thanks for sharing your recipes. Joyous Wishes, Linda


thanks for visiting! these recipes sound yummy!

Lynn @thevintagenest

LOL....boy! I picked a heck of a time to go on a fat free diet. So many great recipes I am seeing today. Was just over at Dana's and she showed gorgeous desserts. :) I loved this post Jeanne. Can I come for Thanksgiving dinner? HPS xoxo

William Charlebois

I'm not going to be able to sleep now after seeing that picture of the raisin pie. It looks so good! I'd definitely eat a bowl of that fruit salad, too. Oh my. My stomach is growling! :O)


Jeanne, thank you for sharing your family recipes. We serve pies for Thanksgiving......usually at least two kinds, but often more. Pumpkin and pecan for certain. Wouldn't be Thanksgiving without those pies!

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