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November 04, 2012


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I'm the one who had the great visit. I wish that you and Bill could turn around and come back. You MUST come again.

Happy Blue Monday, Jeanne.

bj wonderful that you two smiling ladies got to spend some fun time together. I can just hear you talking and giggling. :))
So glad you had such a good time and I hope you get to see each other again when you go see your kids.


Thanks for sharing your visit with Sally. How fun that you two couples could meet. You and Sally have beautiful smiles. I'm smiling just seeing you two's contagious...'That's a GOOD Thing.' Happy Blue Monday!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers

I know how fun it is to meet blogging friends :-). It looks like you all were having a wonderful time.


What a treat to meet a long-time unseen friend! I've met only two so far, but every visit is wonderful.

I'm so glad you had such a marvelous trip!!

love and,


Crafty Gardener

How lovely to meet up with a blogging friend. I'm sure you had a fantastic time.

Mrs. Magpie

I'm so glad you got to meet. As I told her on her post, you are two of my favorite bloggers of whom I am blessed to have met you both.




Great photos of the two of you! Wonderful that you could get together. :)


I'm smiling with you and Sally. I know what a wonderful time you had together.


What fun you had.Such a wonderful picture of you and Sally. The smiles are beautiful! Grace xoox


Now that is amazing! - that you and Smiling Sally's husband went to the same school! Isn't it something how our paths cross with the some of the same people from our past - no matter how many miles each may live from another? And one things for sure, if you visited Sally you had no problem getting some blue in your pictures! :)


You and Sally make a smiling pair! It looks as if you had a ton of fun together! Sally's home is very lovely. Glad you had a great time. Hugs Anne


You're all looking great.

My Blue Monday.


Looks so much fun!

A late visit from Blue Monday.
I hope that you can still drop by and comment on my BLUE post.
Thanks and have a great evening.


Well howdy neighbor
Long time no see
Smiling Sally Lordy be
Blue Monday let me see
Long time ago for you and me
Started to comment one two three
We became friends and forever will be.
Ha ha ha look at me : )
Ok that's enough of that. Soooo glad you're home. I've missed my morning emails. Now you're back to your busy life, lol. The garden club must have missed you terribly. Don't hurt your back bowling now.
Tomorrow I know you will be at Jane's house. She said she needed to clean her house before you got there. Had to laugh. Give her a hug from me please. I hope she's up and at em for your trip. Soon you'll be packing for that. Wow. I sure you are anxious to wear your cool boots : )
We have been dealing with getting my meds re filled. I'm totally running out. I cannot believe that doctors can do this. It's been stressing Randy out. He's been calling and calling and leaving messages. Nobody calls back. If its not resolved before Thursday noon, we will drive to the hospital and Randy's putting me in a wheelchair and parking me in front of the operating room till Dr Wai comes out. I'm NOT looking forward to any of this. Unreal. Lets hope we get a phone call from the pharmacy. Need a drug prayer if you have one of those hanging around.
Other than that, I'm doing great. A few wash boards in my back but all par for the course.
The sun was beautiful today. It's been cold, but so nice. The geese are leaving bit by bit. Did you see my video on my main fb page of the geese? So cool.
PJ and Bella were groomed on Monday. Bella looks like she's a baby. So cute. So glad I found this groomer only 20 minutes away.
Well we broke down and bought a skid of pellets today. Nice little fire going right now. So cozy.
Hope you're all unpacked now. I know it takes me a few days to unpack.
Spoke to Miss Bee yesterday. Did you see all the goodies she sent me?? Gosh I'm so lucky. She just returned from a trip to San Diego.
Julie is fine, and CC is always nice and busy. Don't you just love CC's new doo??
Time to call Wendy. They had snow already. She seems to be doing ok. Just have to keep her positive.
Ok time to have a cup of tea to make the pipes work : )
I'm glad your home. Did I say that already? Lol. Well it's true.
Not proof reading.
PS thank god I copied this message. It said my session had expired. Oh man.


Hi Jeanne *hugs*
Reading your post and Sally's post on Blue Monday and your visit I can tell it was sooooo good that you met! How fun was that. You have met a lot of your blogging friends. The pictures were great too.... You and your hubby have been very busy this summer visiting and catching up. Thats what makes each day so beautiful.
Hope you have a great evening..

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