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December 28, 2012


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Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers

Welcome home! What a lovely time you had. Kent and I really enjoyed doing the two river cruises in France a few years ago. It is nice not to have to pack and unpack while traveling. What company did you travel with? We used Uniworld.

Jan from The Comfort of a Safe Place

Welcome Home, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, too! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time.

I haven't been around visiting much lately - busy with things around the house and trying to spend a wee bit less time on the computer, since I closed my shop!!

Jan ♥


Looks like you had a beautiful trip Jeanne! Glad it was fun and you'd want to go again! Cute piggy chefs in the buffet area:@) Happy New Year-enjoy!

Kathryn Ross

Welcome home, Jeanne! What a wonderful trip - and all your pictures were terrific! Thanks for taking you time sharing all the food shots with us. I was on the scale today and it looks like pictures of food is about it for at least a month! I have royally abused my system for two weeks - don't think I can do another cookie or chocolate something!

Actually, just posted today for the first time since Thanksgiving - what a super busy December. Hoping for a quiet new year and some time to catch-up - in Blogland and in quite a number of round the house things.

Happiest of New Years, my Circle Journal friend!


I am glad you got home safe and sound!!
WOW...those photos of your cruise are amazing. You looked beautiful in that last photo. REALLY !!!!


Happy Pink Saturday. I remember these snow "people". They were quite the works of art.

You know I am going to love seeing all of your photos. The two of you traveled in grand style.


O, what a beautiful vacation this must have been.
I've only been on 2 ships and both were out of this world.
So glad you had a good time...hope to see more photos. :)


First, your snowpeople and grands look great! Thanks for resharing those for us! We had icky weather last week (really messed with rush hour on Thurs.), but the snow is nearly gone now. I got to "run" day before yesterday...first time in a couple of weeks. We still have some icy patches on the sides of our neighborhood streets, but I took it easy and just walked when I saw those. It felt great to be outside again. We are supposed to have a storm roll through on NYEve and NYDay. boo. We need the moisture, but don't want it THEN!! :)

LOVE your photos of your trip! That boat looks like a palace and it seems you all were treated like royalty! What an awesome experience! i hope you DO get to go back next year!

I've been been vegging since Christmas....and it feels great! I received an iPad for Christmas and have been having fun learning all about it. I can't post comments on blogs from it...don't know if I don't have something hooked up right or if it just isn't capable. Will you ask Bill about that? I can type my comment and leave all the info to publish it, but then the "post" or "publish" buttons won't hilight for me to click them. That's my only beef about it right now! Can you believe I haven't left this house (except to run) since Christmas Eve? I can't...but I LOVE it!! However, today, I'm ready to bolt! :) Our son and fam. are coming to my hubby's office for a "visit" then we're going out to lunch. There's a steakhouse near his business that makes awesome burgers and my son and DIL look forward to that post appointment lunch! :) Me, too!

Gotta get busy and prepare for this day. SO happy you guys had such a fine trip...and so happy you made it home safely!!

L, Dana

PS How did CC do?

Francie T

Home again, home again, safe and sound ! Knew you would have a great time and looking forward to more pictures and stories.


Thank you for sharing your trip. I have been wondering about the River Cruises. I am amazed, glad you had a great time. Nice to meet you! Sunny

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