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December 07, 2012


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What a committed Blogger you are. To actually decorate a PINK tree and then BAKE treats!

I love your mom's lacy ornament.

Happy Pink Saturday, Jeanne.

Dear Helen Hartman

Your pink decor is da pinkiest! Loved dropping in this Pink Saturday eve.

Francie Thornton

The pink tree is perfect ! and it will be there to welcome you home too, I just love it (())


Lovin' your pretty pink tree and ornaments Jeanne! And, um, I always love cookies... Happy Weekend:@)


Enjoy your trip. Trust it will be a safe one. When my husband was alive we took at lot cruises. Never wanted to go to Europe tho. You did very well on your pretty pink tree.


Hi Jeanne, What an adorable pink tree! And the ornament from your mother is so special. Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Holidays too! ~Marti


Hi Jeanne! I love your pretty pink tree and ornies. Now I'm seeing the gorgeous view out your door! Is that a bird on the feeder?
Oh, your little set up under your pink tree is adorable. You have a little glitter house! How sweet. Now I love the looks of those cutie pie gingerbread men! I could sure use one after Christmas shopping today! ;)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)


First dear, I am SO thrilled about your trip to Europe and know you will have a wonderful time. Glad your sis and her hubby are going along - know it will be even better with family at your side - Christmas will be different but special. We've been contemplating a Christmas European Markets trip - probably Prague - one of these years, however as we'll be in England soon there will be shopping going on there too! Jasmin wants us to promise to stay here for next Christmas - she's missing my decorating, baking etc., I am too - so perhaps we'll have to just do that!

Thanks for stopping by dear friend, think of you often and hope we can catch up again next year.
Have the best Christmas ever - take some warm clothes for the river, and you may have snow - my brother says it's getting cold in France!

Love and hugs - Mary


Dear Jeanne. I want to wish you a wonderful trip . I am so sorry I can't come to meet you here in Holland. You wil love it here in Europe. Be sure to bring warm clothes because it will be cold in every country that you visit. What is the exact date th at you arrive in Holland. e sure to take a city trip through Amsterdam, you will love it because it is so beautiful.
Hugs for you and Merry Christmas from Riet


Jeanne, I love LOVE your little pink Christmas tree. (where are you going to be for Christmas)
I put my tree up this year...but only do every OTHER year, as I rotate from here and Utah.
Like you....when I am gone to Utah, I only put up a little tree, for Barry and his mom to kind of enjoy.
But I do LOVE my big tree.


HPS!! I LOVE your pink tree with its view of the mountains!! That little fence is PERFECT around its base!!! Your ornies are so special...and I love the one your mom made!!

I'm sure you are giddy with excitement about your upcoming trip! I wouldn't know where to begin on what to pack for such an adventure!!

I'm glad you'll be back by Christmas...I thought you'd still be over there.

We did have a nice family gathering yesterday, but sadly several folks didn't make it. Maybe next time.

Have a great Sunday....oh and I'm sure you enjoyed your outing in Franklin last night!! We just stayed home.....I think we were both pooped from Fri. night and yesterday with the grands! :)

L, Dana

Mrs. Magpie

I love it, Jeanne! You did such am awesome job!




LOVE your sweet pink tree and the little scene underneath it!! So cute!!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!


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