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December 06, 2012


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Hi Jeane! Oh, your Christmas table is beautiful! I love those dishes and wish I had a set! Your centerpiece is so pretty too. The little golden deer look so lovely with your red and white plates.
I love buffet style too. My table can hold food, but this year, I've started setting the food up in the kitchen and letting everyone fix their own plates that way I can keep my centerpiece on the table! ;)
I love the quiche. We really don't have a traditional breakfast for Christmas so maybe we'll just join you! ;)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Raw Thoughts And Feelings

Gorgeous table setting, and you've just inspire me to do something special on my table!


Your Christmas morning table is just beautiful, sister friend. Everything looks so your Christmas plates.

Our tradition, since our children married and started with their family is we go, first to our daughter's house to check out what Santa brought. She has breakfast casseroles and her mother in law, makes the BEST cinnamon rolls. I generally take a large bowl of fruit.

Then, after about 2 hours, we go to son's house to ck out the treasures Santa brought to them...there we have flavored coffees, Pigs in the Blanket and Christmas cookies.
Needless to say, Mr. Sweet and I don't even eat lunch that day. :))


Your Christmas plates are wonderful. Nice to see everything set out on your table. A treat.


What a beautiful table and Christmas Tradtion! Gosh, I love those plates and your deer centerpiece is perfect for your narrow table. I love doing Buffet Serving Meals....there's always more room on the table for elbows...and that's when good conversation, lots of laughter and special memories are made. I know your family fits that to a Christmas T!!!! Have a wonderful time on your EuroTrip!!! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


Such a beautiful table to sit at Christmas morning. !!! I don't have Christmas dishes , centerpieces or anything like that. (duh)
I prefer buffet style too as the table sometimes is too BUSY with all the food on it.
Gosh...all the years of raising my kids, we never had a TRADITIONAL breakfast.
I want to come and sit at your table....It would be just me and Barry and his mom. (tee,hee)


How very charming and welcoming, like everything about you and your lovely home and family!!

Ours is mostly always upstairs by the tree, with pretty paper plates and good ole traditionsl things like coffeecake and Mother's Banana Bread and some bacon and sausage balls, and sometimes pie.

We sit around the coffeetable and enjoy while we open our gifts to each other "of the house." Everybody else comes to dinner on Christmas Eve, and we do those gifts then.

Only if a buncha the Grands are spending Christmas here do we set a big Christmas table, letting the kids help with the setting, and the two oldest girls have been making the sausage balls for several years now.

Must get me back to our preparations and all this candy-making,

love and,



Your table looks very pretty, Jeanne, and you know for a fact that I love those plates.

We had a breakfast meal tradition for many years, but now each year is a surprise. The surprise is whatever strikes my mood.

Mrs. Magpie

We really don't have a big breakfast (in the past it was these special sausage rolls or ham rolls) because we always had a big Christmas Eve and lunch and then dinner. LOL Since we quit going home for Christmas after Mama died, and that was meal after family meal (we gained ten pounds every December), we have three traditional meals with close friends. Actually four. Christmas Eve, Christmas lunch, Christmas Dinner, and the day after Christmas we have everyone at our house. When Fred's parents were still traveling, they joined us at our home along with other family members. But with children grown up, we started to spend it with our close friends who are like family.

On Christmas Eve, we have dinner with Missy's inlaws, and they have Cuban and Central American dishes: a cake called something like Tres Leches; strong Cuban coffee; a chicken dish that has sausage and yellow rice and is DIVINE; pulled pork, and other favorites. We add American dishes, too, and wine. On Christmas day, we usually eat with Trish's family and have a Christmas ham and all the trimmings with that. Then we go to Disney with the godchildren and the rest of the group and have something good for dinner at the Grand Floridian. On the day after Christmas, I serve turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, broccoli casserole, squash casserole, sweet potato casserole, a special green bean marinated dish that is wonderful, and wicked chocolate desserts.

I adore quiche so I would be right at home at your breakfast table, Jeanne! And three kinds! YUMMMMMMM!

BTW, I adore your tablescape. It is SO pretty, and that long table is wonderful. Some day, I am going to get to sit there when I come to visit!



Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers

What a wonderful table setting for Christmas morning! We start coffee and then mimosas and a frittata.

Francie Thornton

oh Jeanne what a beautiful table and so inviting ! I love quiche but lately making fritata which is a bit easier.

Francie Thornton

LOL, glad to know it's not just me that is instructionless (new word I made up :) )

Ohhh Jeanne I am so excited for you, know you will have a fabulous time. Praying for traveling mercies for you (())

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