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January 07, 2013


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Morning, Jeanne! Oh, that's the most beautiful pharmacy I've ever seen and so neat. Love all of the bottles and containers and look how neat it all is.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)


Oh Jeanne these are so lovely! Makes you feel better already shopping there! Your trip sounded like it was a real adventure. I am anxious to see more shares from you my friend! Have a beautiful day!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers

You must have had the most amazing adventure! These are lovely photos.


That first one had me, sweets. It's elegant. They're all fantastic though.


How elegant! I feel badly that you needed to see that pharmacy, but it sure would've given me confidence in the medicine. Thanks for sharing these beautiful blues. I especially liked that shot of all of the blue and white bottles.

Happy Blue Monday, Jeanne.


Really enjoyed seeing your photos today. I never saw a pharmacy that neat and clean. I have not been to Germany.


wow...what a delightful place to get your drugs !!!! (tee,hee)


Nice pictures, an interesting museum. Greetings.


Beautiful photos.

I played too. Mine are here and here.


Going to such a beautiful pharmacy would make one feel better.♥


wow...this is SOME drugstore...:) Just look at those cabinets...
That must have been fun to see.
So glad you had such fun on your trip.


Wow....I can't imagine picking up my perscriptions in places that would have such beautiful stuff!!! OMG...makes our vintage pharmacy cabinets in the US look pitiful and I thought they were amazing!

Well, I'm officially back into my exercising routine. Hit the gym last night (don't like that, but a class is better than following a TV instructor). Today, I'm going back up to the gym for an instruction on how to properly run on a treadmill. We've had pretty decent weather here for running outside, but it's gonna get bad again this weekend (cold for sure) and I want to be able to go over to the gym and workout on the treadmill when I can't run around here safely. THEN, I hope to actually run outside later today because the temps are gonna be in the mid fifties!

Oh and I'm taking down our tree today!'s up because I got it up late, but I feel it calling my name to put it to rest. :)

Have a great day....LOVE your trip pictures!!!

L, Dana

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