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January 11, 2013


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WOW!!! We have actually driven in Oregon once in something like that. Felt like we were in a tunnel. Not quite as high as that, but enough that we felt claustrophobic, honey. I hate driving in snow but love seeing it while sitting in the comfort of our home.

The Europeans know how to do lovely gardens, that's for sure.



UHG....can you imagine driving in a snowy mess like that? It looks very neatly plowed. . . and it's clean. Our roads never look that pretty once they're plowed and traffic hits them! Can you imagine the mess when it starts to melt? :)

Thanks for the Springtime in Paris photos! I've never been there either...what a sight!

Just went to a local ant. mall (my fav) and looked for Valentine's Cards for inspiration....didn't find any I liked, but did find some vintage trim!

Hope all is well with you! Would you ask Bill if he can post a comment on people's blogs from his iPad? I can write comments...but the buttons to let me post don't light up. What a pain. I hope it's because I don't have something connected properly.

Gonna go snooze for a bit, then go exercise!

Have a great weekend!! L, dana


Those are definitely dreams sights I will never see.

Francie T

I'm dreamin' of spring too. It was so nice today.
THANK YOU for letting me be one of your sisters !!! I will be up for lunch soon ... hahahahha (())


Wow, the snow picture is amazing! I remember when I was a little girl the snow seemed that deep.


Jeanne,Paris I imagine would the ultimately perfect place in Spring. That snowy road is amazing,how on earth could they have cut that through so perfectly.
Thank you for your good wishes for our anniversary and nice visit. I hope you have happy anniversary in April too. It's amazing where the years have gone. I have entered you into my give away too. Good Luck. xx

Kaye Swain

GORGEOUS! And normally, I would be joining you in this spring daydreaming. But after last year's mild weather, allergy issues and BUGS were overwhelming! I never thought this day would come, but I am actually praying for some good solid SNOW - BUT not necessarily as much as you awesome last photo :) However, my senior mom is joining you in those spring thoughts as she pours over her gardening catalogs that have started to arrive. She is going to love your spring pix (I think I'd best hide that snow one from her :) :) :) ). Have a lovely week and enjoy those spring-full thoughts.

riverside studios

I'm with you dreaming of spring. That snow picture was too much! It's warm here today, but so overcast that it "feels" cold. We are expecting a cold front later today. I've got a full meal of left-over turkey and dressing with some of the sides in the freezer. Tomorrow I'll pop that in the oven and it will smell like Thanksgiving again and maybe that will make the cold more bearable. Marie Callendar chicken pot pies baking also make the house feel warm...Right now I have pie-envy after I visited Dana's post.
Last night I pulled out my Valentine stash. I am following my resolve to only use what is on hand for all my swaps and projects...Last month I broke down when Nancy and I went to Archiver's in Austin. I had never been there before and the temptation was just too great. We were in a 60's-70's book group and I couldn't resist some peace symbols and flower power stickers for my Janis Joplin pages! Let's see how I do with our Vallentine card exchange. I was in Hobby Lobby this afternoon for some glue...I refused to even make eye contact with the scrapbook supplies. Luckily, I have a metal picnic basket full of card making stuff I've collected. I am really looking forward to the cards from our Circle Journal group.

Lynn @thevintagenest

that snow picture is amazing! But we are having the same weather Jeanne. But this warm weather has given me the chance to finish up the yard work that I never got to in the Fall. Would you believe that I have been to Paris in the Springtime? A long time ago! HPS . xo

Lynn @thevintagenest

P.S. you are so right about the comments slacking off. I have noticed that too. Used to be that I got so many comments on Pink Saturday it would take me a couple of days to return them. It was fun! I have noticed the same thing at other blog parties too. Maybe people have grown weary of them. Things have changed so much xo

Grandma Kc

Just happened by from SandwichINK -- loved your images! Having grown up in Michigan -- I don't miss that snow at all!


Thanks so much for your visit and kind comment about my friend, Anne Marie's home....
What amazing pictures!!

Thanks for sharing!!



wow, Jeanie, these are beautiful images.
THAT is too much snow for ANYbody. :)
hugs, bj


Your photos make me so ready for Spring!

Happy Pink Saturday,



All of these are gorgeous, just like a rainbow ;)



Hi Jeanne! Oh, my, that's some snow! The beautiful fanciful flowers are gorgeous. Hope you'll get a Kitchenaid really soon! I've wanted one for a long time but just never said anything and then I began to hint! It worked! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)


Hi Jeanne! I missed linking to Pink Saturday but had to stop over and say hi! I had a lazy weekend! It was bitter cold but other than watching our grandson Colton wrestle yesterday and seeing our Broncos lose to the Ravens we have not done a lot of anything! It has been bitter cold! I like the thought of Spring! Sigh! Have a beautiful week! Hugs Anne


I'm here. Please let me out of the doghouse. Happy Belated Pink Saturday.♥

Wow, I can only imagine how gorgeous Paris must be in the Spring. These photos are glorious. Now, the snow photo I find kind of scary. I would not like to be driving in those conditions.

Pansylee (Muse) VanMeeteren

Beautiful photos Jeanne! I am personally amazed with snow photos, I wonder how can they maintain a path way with that thick snow? LOL Of course we won't know. Thanks for sharing these. :) Hugs to infinity! :)


Hi, Jeanne. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Sorry wasn't able to comment back promptly. got so caught up at work that i need this whole week just to catch up on my memes last week. i won't join any yet until i've commented back at everyone.

anyway, so glad i visited here. those paris flower photos are awesome. really cheered me up. you see, we don't have snow here in this part of the world, but it's getting so cold lately and we're not use to that. i wondered about that snowy road. how amazing! both nature and man.

have a great weekend, jeanne! love all the way from manila.

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