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January 18, 2013


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Jan from The Comfort of a Safe Place

Awesome castle - and what beautiful work in constructing it!


Wow, that is really beautiful Jeanne! So neat to see it in person:@)


HOOOLY COW, Jeanne, this must have been quite an experience to visit such a beautiful and olden place.
Thanks for sharing your visit to Germany with us.
xo bj

Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers

Beautiful Jeanne. This must have been so special to see in person!

cottage and broome

A pink castle I love it!!! Looks like a wonderful trip, I enjoy armchair traveling when I can't get there. Have a wonderful weekend, Laura

Tina´s PicStory

we have been also visiting this castle! great shots! :)


What a sight to see. I understand it is cold there most of the time. I will never get to this part of the world.

Francie T

Well you two are just toooo cute ! Bet it was cold to live in the castle too.
Your photos are wonderful ! (())


Simply beautiful, and every time I thought of you, I knew you were touring and drinking in and enjoying such lovely places.

Thank you for your sweet note---I'm all right, and just slow, with all the Christmas company and doings and so much going on. For the first time, I've been BRIGHT every single day of this year---no January blues or blahs, so I'm just humming along, grateful for the sunny days.

So glad you had such a wonderful trip, and I'll have a little post or two about all our Christmas and New Year's activities.

Always love to hear from you, Dear Friend,



What a gorgeous place, Jeanne!! I'm glad to read that they have restored parts of the castle and are using it! Just wondering what happened to it over the years to take out the "inside" to parts of it. Was there a fire or just was it neglect? It truly is a historical treasure!

I love that picutre of you look so happy!!! Of course you WERE. . .you were on a dream trip!!

It's been warm here today, but soooooo windy!!! I tried to run (first time this week) and felt like I was trying stuck in mud. . . the wind was just unreal! It totally wore me out and I had to stop and walk three times. I kept plodding along until I hit the 3 1/2 mile mark. It wasn't one of my finer outings! ha ! I did get new shoes and socks and I was so excited. . .I just KNEW those shoes would put some spring back into my step. . .wrong. Maybe tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow...Bonnie and I are hitting a local antique sale. It's a high dollar one, so I rarely buy anything, but we both need the distraction. Tomorrow night, hubby and I are in an annual bowling tournament. . .fundraiser for a HS Scholarship. Our team is almost always at the bottom. . .but we don't care. It's fun.

Have a great weekend!!!! L, Dana

Anne Berbling

Wonderful!! Love that arch, especially ~ ♥
Happy Pink Saturday!


Happy Pink Saturday to you, Jeanne. What a wonderful trip.


Jeanne, I am so glad you shared these wonderful photos. What a beautiful place!!! It must have been thrilling. And, you and Bill looks so cute.

Happy Pink Saturday, my dear friend.♥

Lara Kearns

Happy Pink Saturday, Please feel free to visit my pink saturday post



Hi Jeanne,
I like this pink Castle, thank to explain its story.
It's a discover for me !
Have a pink Saturday.

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

Happy Pink Saturday!
We lived in Heidelberg for 3 years and I loved it there. I even had the wonderful opportunity to see a production of "The Student Prince" in the castle on a summer evening, and I toured it as well (indoors only once, outdoors many times). You brought back many happy memories. Thank you!


Interesting how many castles it seems were built "in honor of a woman whom they loved"
I'd love to roam those halls and check out those rooms. You captured the "pinks" very nicely.

Olivia Parazine

Wow! How exciting! Lovely pickies, thank you for sharing! xoxo

Lavender Dreams

What a fabulous trip and you took such great photos. We just watched the movie 'Ever After' and I'm loving the castles! have you seen this movie? It is very sweet!

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