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January 28, 2013


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Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers

This brings back childhood memories. I grew up in Michigan and one year we drove the entire way around Lake Superior, camping as we went.


Fantastic facts, Jeanne. I had no idea that it was so BIG and so deep! No wonder it's name is Superior.

Happy Blue Monday!

Mrs. Magpie

Hi, Jeanne! I loved reading this, and that is such a cute story about your Florida kids in that cold lake. LOL I would have been right there with them. :-)

I am still not back to blogging because I still do not have a computer. Fred got sick after Christmas, and he has been out of town in one place with me in another. I am finally home, but we have workmen slated to do things here. I hope to have one at some point.
I looked into trying to blog from an IPAD but everyone complains that you have no control over your picture placement. Apparently, it has some kinks. I finally, after months and months and months, figured out I could take pictures with the thing. Not good ones, but pictures all the same which is great. But that doesn't help me with blogging.

So I'm still adrift.

Today, I am trying to find a funny t-shirt for a friend's birthday, and I found something so cute on etsy.

I hope you are well. I have missed you and loved seeing your comment. I happened to check in and saw it and smiled.

Love you, Jeanne...




Great post! A late visit for Blue Monday. Hope you'd find time to visit mine.


Love the Rossman camp photograph !!! Glad that you enjoyed the Superior facts !!!


I love your post and especially the beautiful black and white photo! Nice memories for you and a Geography lesson for all of us! Thanks for sharing. I bet your Blue Monday was perfectly blue ti ful!

Hugs Anne

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