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January 31, 2013


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Oh, your china is beautiful. I don't think I have seen that pattern before. I love how dainty the flowers are. I also agree with you, I am ready for spring too....I am not a winter person!! Happy VTT


Love this china Jeanne, all the MORE SO for the story that goes with it.

I think today was "tea day" at VTT, 'cause a whole lotta us did tea posts!


That is LOVELY china Jeanne. I can imagine it would be precious to you, have collected one piece at a time, and have had it all these years.
I have never ever owned any china. Do you remember Melmac??? ha ha...when my first husband and I got married they gave us a set of Melmac.
and YES...and I am longing for spring.
hugs and love

Pansylee (Muse) VanMeeteren

Hello Jeanne! You have a lovely tea pot. Looks like your going to have a wonderful tea paty. xoxo Muse

Francie T

How wonderful to still have the set, it's beautiful. Having moved so many times there are a lot of things I wish I still had. (())


OOOOOH...I LOVE your china pattern! So gorgeous! I've heard of that company..and now I will always be looking for your pattern!

The pattern we registered for was promptly retired not long after we married. We'd received a few odds and ends pieces for when we were able to add to it my MIL found a pattern that was similiar to it. She bought 3 place settings and I bought three. :) Then, when I wanted to get more...yep, that one was retired. I gave up..until one day, at a flea market, I saw my 2nd pattern for sale on a vendor's table. There were several more dinner plates and an assortment of other pieces. I talked him down on the price and hauled the whole thing home. Sadly, we don't use it...but I need to now and then cuz, like you, I still like it! We will celebrate 45 yrs this June! I can't believe it!!!!

Have a great PS!!! Hope you're warm's bitterly cold here!

L, Dana


Beautiful china Jeanne. Perfect for today and always!

Happy Pink Saturday!


Your china is gorgeous! Obviously you have always had good taste! My pink this week is also about wishing for spring - or spring flowers in any event. My yard is in it's birthday suit without any adornments!


Bill broke your lamp??? :). When we were first married my husband tried to change a bulb in a lamp and somehow broke the socket ....we had to throw away the lamp!!! He's not especially handy! Ha. L, dana


Hi Jeanne *hugs*
Beautiful china and how how special it must be to use them...lovely. Tea just tastes so special in beautiful china doesn't it, you can put up your little finger in a curl as you sip..*s*..

I can't wait until spring too! but groundhog day is coming soon and hopefully Wiarton Willy over here will have good news. Its only 19F right now so thats rather chilly but yesterday was so warm the snow melted..yay. Winters are not as wintery as they have been before so that helps. I hope you have been staying warm with warm memories of your recent trip too.

have a great weekend..

Denise at Forest Manor

Jeanne, your table setting is so pretty with all the pink linens, and your china is absolutely GORGEOUS! It really is so delicate and exquisite. No wonder you still love it; you made an excellent selection those many years ago.

Visiting from Pink Saturday -- have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs. Sarah Coller

That is a pretty set! I wish I would have been more "homemaking-minded" when I was growing up so I could have saved for something like that. Oh least I am now! Hope you have a great weekend!

I'm hosting my Homemaking Linkup Weekend and would love to have you join, if you'd like!

Mrs. Sarah Coller


This dishes are exquisite!

Kaye Swain

It's gorgeous - and what a smart way of buying it. Happy Pink Saturday! :)


Charming and so sweetly welcoming! I've always loved Hanover patterns, but have few pieces, and now that I've been in a PASTEL PHASE of life for several years, I'm more prone to go for the paler, gentler colors.

Folks may be surprised to see Chris Birthday Brunch done in pink-and-white all over the room, but he doesn't care---just so the company and the food are good.

Happy February, Dear Friend,



Hi Jeanne! I love your pretty china! The pattern is sweet and fits our Pink Saturday perfectly. You set a wonderful table. Have a beautiful day and HPS to you friend! Hugs Anne


!958, just shy of a couple years to my birth!! And that tea pot looks very familiar dear Jeanne : )
I don't think I've had the honour to have eaten on your pretty china. What's up with that???
It looks lovely.
Well it's freezing here today. +4 and with the wind chill it's -15. The boys were out with Randy. Skit shooting. Sooo cold. Of course Pepper is terrified of the gun shots, So I had them all in here following me around. OMG.
Well today I feel sooo much better. I'm also down on my morphine. Doctor Liz will be happy with that. My side still feels really tight and pulling, but I'm ok with it. I just want to get better for when Julie gets here.
I'm freezing sitting here at the computer, so I will say aurevoir for now. Oh and isn't it lovely that the sisters will all be together for your Anniversary? So much fun I can't stand it.
Sending you warm hugs to you and Bill.
I hope you got out today. I'm sure your pretty snow is melted by now.


Happy Pink Saturday, dear Jeanne. I've always loved your dishes. The pattern is so delicate and pretty.

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