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February 07, 2013


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Hi, Jeanne girl...such a pretty Valentine. Glad you kept it for your hubby all these years.
Hope all is going good in your world. Mine is waaay too busy with hard work for an olden couple. And, we are so slow. We pack awhile, paint awhile, clean awhile and then we have to have an hours nap....:)


Don't ya just love Valentine's day...all the candy! LOL Back from the West Coast and visiting great grands.


I have a few old ones around, but not sure where they are. I think the older ones had a different meaning than the newer ones. Always happy when you visit.


How lovely, and how far we've strayed from those chubby-cheeked Holland-ish little images. And such a sweet story of your In-Loves in such an innocent time for sweethearts. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to hold something of such meaning and family history in your hands?

Hope all is well and warm with you and your own Lovies!



Hi Jeanne...gosh what a sweet love story and precious memory of your InLaws. So neat that you have that valentine. I have the first Valentine Card that HiHoney gave me the first year of our marriage. It was so perfect then and still is today....we give it to each other again every year. We do the same on our Anniversary. Not only have we saved $$$$ every year, but have a card for all time.

Thanks for your visits this year...these two months. I've been a poor neighbor in visiting and commenting. Hope your February is a sweet one....Sue


Hi Jeanne..*hugs*
It was so nice to have you visit. You must have had a great time with your cousins visiting. I wish I had cousins close to visit...mine are in Finland. If they don't blog they would not understand I am sure.

The Valentine's Card is beautiful. Isn't that something that it has been kept for this long. That is wonderful.

I chuckled when you thought "Canadian" money might be confusing...because I find the bills in the U.S. to be colour coding. See $5. is always blue, the $10. is purple, the $20. is green, the $50. is red, the $100. is brown etc. so you do recognize the colour immediately and then the big numbers come later...just wanted to say.

I wonder whether you have snow today...I am off work because my work which is a college is closed. We are having a major snow storm the first one of the reason really and we've not had one like this for 5 years.

I would send you some...*s*..
Visit my Facebook page Sweet Creations by Judi. I am having a Valentine's Giveaway of my decorated cookies. If you "like" my Page (not just the post) and "share" you get two chances! Good luck. Enjoy the weekend..*hugs*


valentine day

The caliber of collection that you are providing is but marvelous.


Ah, Homer and Molly. This makes me smile.♥

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