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February 15, 2013


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Oh how beautiful ! Love them all and how sweet to have them to display.


Jeanne, this is such a sweet idea. A group of my girlfriends did this a few years ago. It was fun, and yes, we felt like kids again. Valentine's Day will always be a special holiday for me.


Looks like a fun thing to do, Jeanne! How are ya gal? Hope everything is going well up there! We have our two new grandies, and are constantly running back and forth between the two houses!! It's a lot of fun, but this Nana is running a little low on energy!!

Hugs to you sweetie!

Kathryn Ross

Hi Jeanne - So grand to see how different you made each of our Valentines - what thoughtfulness!! I LOVED mine - the elegant Victorian feel is so very "me"! How DID you know???? YES - let's do the Easter thing. Mulling ideas already . . .


Hi Jeanne! I loved your post and all of the cards are just beautiful! I love and thank you for my sweet card. It's wonderful. I haven't received Grace's card yet either but hopefully tomorrow. Wasn't this fun and I'm ready to start our Easter cards.
I'm posting my cards too.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)


Jeanne - you crazy crafter! I love all the Valentines you made and especially mine! Your envelopes were so adorable, too. I need to send you a big sack of supplies because I have more than I could ever use! I just love all the vintage elements you managed to find for your cards. Loved your post. xo Nancy


I saw these on NOTE SONGS blog. They are delightful. How fun
it would be to receive them !!! A labor of love.


Oh, Jeanne! I'm so glad you're feeling better now! I know it must have been terrible to be sick with your family there! I'm sure those kiddoes had fun in the snow!! Love you and take care of yourself.
You are the sweetie,
Shelia ;)


Hello!! Happy belated Pink Saturday!

OMG..I thought I had visited you..til your "gentle" reminder that I hadn't!! I'm losing it! I think I must've inhaled too much Mod Podge while creating those brain cells aren't working right! ha ha!

I love how you shared the cards you created for all of REALLY put in a lot of effort and time! They are all wonderful!

Yes, I'm loving mine, too! I've got all but Grace's. I hope it comes tomorrow. I put them in my breakfast nook and have really been enjoying seeing them !!

I was busy both Sat. and Sun. Had a meeting with my running friends on Sat. (so pumped to have a little group of like minded folks to prepare for our fall half marathon!!)....then we went to Mass and out to dinner. Sunday, I met other friends and we saw Silver Linings Playbook..then w went to Starbucks for 2 hours of drinking coffee and gabbing!! Today....I just stayed home and did stuff around the house, then decided to hit the grocery store cuz we're gonna have a couple of winter storms roll through here this week. It was pouring by the time I loaded my I've been freezing all afternoon from that!!

So glad you're feeling better! My hubby and I had that cold thing right after Christmas ...he had it worse than I did..but mine still hung on for nearly 2 weeks. Thankfully, it wasn't in my chest.

I made chili for dinner tonight, too! Yummy turkey chili (blahhhhh). Going to a weight lifting class in a bit, so the chili is in the croc pot!

Have a great evening!! Thanks for setting me straight!!! :)

L, Dana


Happy Pink Saturday, my dear friend. I am so glad you are feeling better each day.

You are becoming quite the artist. Each one of your card creations is a personalized work of art. And, you know how much I love my most special card. You have been my Valentine for many years.

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