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February 22, 2013


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That door is cool! :) I wish we had colorful houses like those where I live! How fun! :)


Actually, I can't see myself living anywhere but where I am now. I love Idaho! But, oh, sugar, how lovely some of Europe is!

Francie T

Well I surely could, for a few years anyway, lived in Spain for 3. Now I am very happy here with my Sweetie but if he wanted to move I'm packed .. :))
Had the same problem this Pink Saturday, sigh time is just flyin' by (())


Beauty is all over the world, and I enjoy seeing it. However, I will keep what Texas has to offer. You did good on your pink shots. I do not access to Pinterest. You are truly blessed with a wonderful husband. So many are not. I had one of the good ones.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Pink is so pretty no matter where it is found, but the htoughts behind your pretty pink flowers is the best, Jeanne! Have a wonderful weekend!

Hugs, Pat

riverside studios

Love the door and windows, but the BEST are the flowers from your sweet hubby. Glad you're up and about again.Have a Pink Week.


How beautiful are all your PINKS today!! The arched doors are like the entrance to a Faberge box full of treasures.

And the flowers---that's a treasure in itself. A one-and-only who does such lovely things just for YOU---I think you most likely give him reasons with every breath. Aren't we BLESSED!!


Hi Jeanne! Your pinks are perfect! Those doors are fabulous and I love your pretty flowers. HPS to you! I hope your weekend is wonderful. Good to see oyu here! Hugs Anne


The buildings in Europe are so beautiful, Jeanne but nothing can beat your husband's thoughtfulness....Christine


HPS!!! Ahhhh...that fella of yours is mighty fine!!! It's a blessing to have a great one..and you do!

My guy got to ride is lawn tractor turned snow blower on Friday.....looks like we're gonna get hammered again this Monday so he'll get another spin on the drive and I'll get to dig out the sidewalk. :) I love the moisture, but don't have the time to spend shoveling when I need to be creating for upcoming shows. grrr

I loved your comment to me about little Cheri!! She is a sweetheart and I'm certain the center of attention where ever she goes..including the vets!! :) My gr. dog is having a time getting around outside. The snow is higher than she is tall! :) I think someone has cleared an area at the apt. complex where she and my girl live so that the pups can pee and poo! :)

Gotta go work on spring items in my craft cave.

Have a super duper pink Sat!!! L, Dana


Oh that door really caught my attention. We have been to Paris and it is such a magical place. Love getting flowers too.


Happy Pink Saturday, my dear Jeanne.

I do like that pink door. So pretty. I think you should keep the fellow who gave you the flowers.

Marie Arden Pink Living

Love those doors too. I am going to be going to Paris in the fall I will look for them. Any idea where they are located?

Tondeleya Allen

Those doors are just gorgeous! Happy Pink Saturday to you!


Great post - some unique building fronts - it would be interesting to live there, I think. I like the way you wrapped it up though, right where you are w/your husband who brings you lovely flowers. :) That's the best.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing about handkerchiefs. (I'm still struggling to type that out correctly . . . . maybe just kerchiefs?)

Happy Pink Saturday! Jenn

michele s

gorgeous! happy pink saturday! xo


Coming by for Pink Sat. -West End is very colorful, and so is the door! Have a great weekend!


Hi Jeanne ~

Came over from Pink Saturday and did not even realize that this was your blog when I clicked, until I saw your pretty face at the top!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Lovely flowers for a lovely lady!


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