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April 12, 2013


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Tami Kenner

Oh Jeanne, I love all the beautiful memories you tucked away!! Congratulations on this milestone anniversary. Enjoy all the celebrations too.
Your dress for the party is gorgeous. You will be the belle of the ball my dear.
Happy Pink Saturday!!!
xoxoxox Tami


Hi Jeanne--Congratulations on your 50th anniversary, that is awesome! Our anniversary is Apr 22, it will be our 35th :) Your dress is beautiful, you will look fabulous! Enjoy! Happy Pink Saturday!! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

~Farm Girl Pink

Your pink wedding dress is exquisite... truly beautiful.

Congratulations on the 50th Anniversary... and I hope you have an wonderful party!


What a gorgeous wedding dress you had....and how fantastic that you still have it!!

I love your party outfit..and those awesome shoes! Little CC looks like a sweet angel...I'm certain she just wants to give a little lick to those shoes of yours!

I know this will be a huge, busy week for you......but I hope you can take the time to relax and totally enjoy this party!! I hope you take lots of photos for us too so we can get a tiny peek at your fun!

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Anniversary to you and Bill!

L, Dana


Best wishes for many more happy years. Not many make 50 these days.However, my sister and her husband will celebrate number 63 Saturday.


Omygoodness...I can't believe you saved all this all these years....AWESOME.
Happy Happy Anniversary, Jeanne and Bill....from Jeanie and Bill. :))
Have a wonderful anniversary week....
xoxo bj


I'm honored that you share your memories, your preparations, your thoughts, and all the happy of this joyous time.

Thinking of you up to your elbones in gold ribbon and flowers and Dear folks pouring out love and congratulations. (And cake. Don't forget cake).

Love to you and every one of your Dearies,



What a fun post. Those tags are so dang fun, and I LOVE is still sitting on my hutch so I can see it everyday.
OH HOW I WISH I could attend your anniversary party. You will totally be the belle of the ball as your outfit is gorgeous, right down to the shoes.
You said it has bling...but what will TRULY make it shine is you wearing it, your radiant face and the love you share with everyone !!!!!
And especially on THAT day, your hubby.
I WILL BE WAITING for some incredible photos of the whole even. ok ??? !!!!
hugs and much love


Happy Anniversary and thanks for sharing your dresses from your two special occasions. Cute new shoes! Love the Easter tags as well!
Have a lovely weekend,


Happy Anniversary ahead of time.
Love your dresses - the wedding one is really unusual and cute - great idea! And pink!
Love your new shoes. And Cheri! Hello Cheri! Give her a rub about the face and ears from me.

Great new dress for the celebration - bet it looks great on you and with you coloring.

Have a great time!

Happy Pink Saturday!


Happy Anniversary Jeanne. I hope you have wonderful celebrations next week.
Hugs from Riet


Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary! Needless to say, I loved seeing your wedding picture, your pink wedding dress and the accesssories. How special that you have them. The invitation is happy you both look. Such an accomplishment in life...50 years together.

Thanks for stopping by.
My Letter 'L'..The Leatherwood Lace Collar
Sue CollectInTexasGal
AtoZ LoneStar Quilting Bee

laura quaglia

time goes so fast. Have a wonderful time.
It was nice to see your things.
mine is in couple years but not having a party


Oh Jeanne I am so happy for you and Bill! What a wonderful anniversary this will be. enjopy your special day with phamily and friends! Much love to you and I love your dresses both from your wedding day and your anniversary today!

Blessings and Hugs, Anne


Congratulations Jeanne and Bill, 50 years! Loved seeing your wedding dress and accessories and then you anniversary dress and shoes and sweet little dog who may have been thinking how tasty . . .

Kathryn Ross

Happy Anniversary, Jeanne! Blessings to you both and many more, too!! Loved seeing your then and now outfits!

Glad you finally got all your tags from Easter. I got all mine on time - just a bit tardy posting about t hem. And - getting that post live on Pink Saturday! It's Sunday afternoon as I type this! Should be live later in the day, though!

Joy with all your celebrations!


Happy Pink Saturday, my dear friend.

I know everything will be perfect. I will be celebrating with you in my heart.


Happy Anniversary, Jeanne! Such a blessed time for you and Bill! I love it that you've kept your wedding dress and other sweet things! I love the snap of little Cheri waiting for the chance to get at your shoes! :) You two are such a sweet and special couple and I wish you many more years of wedded bliss!
I also want to thank you for popping in to Cindy's blog and the sweet comments you left about my home tour.
You are the sweetie,
Shelia ;)


The tags are beautiful, but your dress and accessories for both your wedding celebrations are just stunning. Of course I'm found of your pink dress a little more, but I know you will look so elegant with your new dress. I'm looking forward to lots of pics and gosh I hope I can get a video or something of your special celebration???? Did you ask anyone if they could film it? I know Bill's friend is taking pics and all, but video is soooo sweet.
I'm there, right with you every step of the way.

Deborah aka Miss Bee

You looked so cute in your wedding dress...and Bill - so handsome! I know you will be just beautiful in your anniversary outfit and I so wish I could be there to celebrate with you. You will be on my mind so much tomorrow. Larry was afraid that you would be upset with us because we had to cancel. I'm soooo sorry!
Enjoy and celebrate!
I love you!


Such a cute post grandma. :) I had an amazing time. I love you both so much!

Molly :)

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