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July 12, 2013


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Congrats! What a lovely giveaway Connie had.... everything is just beautiful.
Thanks so much for stopping by!



What a wonderful win, Jeanne!!! I know you will put all of Connie's treasures to good use. . . that book is awesome!!

I wish you were in KC. . . tomorrow is my FAVORITE antique/flea market show of the entire year. . .held on the grounds of an old mansion in Independence!! First, before the sale, I'm meeting all of my running buddies for a 6 mile jaunt on a nearby trail! That's my longest distance to date! I'm really looking forward to reaching that milestone! After the run, I race home, shower and change and meet Bonnie and another buddy at the sale! Love it!! :)

I hope you are getting some well deserved grandmother rest!! You really do deserve Grandmother of the Year the way you host those babes every summer...and travel for their special events. I know you love it and wouldn't have it any otther way!

Gotta read some more in my book. . .I'm stretching it out now. I'll be sad to have finished it!

Nite!! L, Dana


Happy Pink Saturday!


Happy Pink Saturday, Jeanne. What a fun win for you. Connie, is the best. I especially love the HOME letters. And, I know you will enjoy the book. I was the lucky recipient of one, too.♥


I tried to win, but it is okay if you did. Connie is very talented and shares some interesting writings. She is taking some time off right now.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

What a nice give away and wonderful win for you, Jeanne! All Connie's the gifts are so pretty!

I also enjoyed seeing the beautiful albino deer in your previous post. What a rare sight that is!

We are having a wonderful summer--we love life in Colorado and today my granddaughter was christened on a beautiful day.



Lynn @thevintagenest

Happy belated Pink Saturday Jeanne. I really did enjoy our time in your "neighborhood". The cooler weather was delicious. I also saw your post on the albino deer. My youngest son went to college his first year, near Asheville, N.C. and there were white squirrels all other the place. I was mesmerized. :) Have a super great week.

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