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January 09, 2014


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I'm so close to this decision myself. Have cut way back already on CITExas Gal. My Goals for my Family Research and writing are priority for 2014 as well as downsizing much of my collections. I wish you lots of stress free days of working on those things that are waiting in the wings. You'll enjoy them so much when you can devote more time to them. I'll Friend you on FACEBOOK....Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments you've made and for sharing your amazing 'Self' and Family.
Much Love,


See you soon again Jeannie. I cut back to twice a week and am considering going back to once a week. Sometimes even taking a longer break. I love blogging and reading about how my online friends are doing. Sending you good thoughts and a warm hug.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home

Enjoy your break Jeanne and we will be here when or if you decide to come back. Real life is much more important than blogging!


Facebook makes it easier to do everything in one place, doesn't it? No need to blog in addition - it just duplicates things. We will see you on Facebook.


I truly understand and support a few months away. I'm down to one a week simply because it was causing me too much stress to try and do one a day, then 3 a week, then 2 a week so I'm down to one a week just to "keep my fingers in th' pie." Good luck with your goals.


My dear friend I understand but sorry to see you go. I do not have Facebook or any of the other things. I had Facebook, but got off. I did not like what was being put out there. Please let me hear from you one in awhile. Take care and enjoy your time.


Totally agree with Penny above who said "Real life is much more important than blogging!"


I SO understand , Jeanne. That's part of the reason I backed off some time ago....spending way too much time on the computer and neglecting "real life" projects/duties at home. I still love to be a part of the blogging community...and SO treasure the great friends I've made through it (like YOU), so I will continue to dabble in it, but attending to stuff in my here and now life is more important.

Have a good break.....L, Dana


I understand what you mean...I have been in that situation as well. We all understand. Good luck and all best with your goals...hope to see you on Facebook dear friend...*hugs* judi xoxox

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