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May 23, 2014


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Nice seeing you again. I have missed you, but understand. You did a very nice presentation for Beverly's special occasion. Take care, be safe and well.


Celebrating with Beverly is a delight, isn't it?
Happy pinks!


Cute post, lots of pretty pinks for us to enjoy! happy anniversary to all, especially you!


How lovely to see you out and about! This is a really special occasion---is this how we met, or do you remember? My rememberer is just plumb tuckered out. I'm always so glad to hear that you're feeling like posting, and I'm smiling just to be here.

We're off for a bit ourselves, for a little down-time by the lake, so will see you later, dear friend.

love and,


William Charlebois

Happy Pink Saturday!


Hi Jeanne! HPS to you! Miss seeing you around. It is a good celebration with Pink Saturday. Beverly has done an excellent job thru the years. I hope all is well with you and I will see you sometime soon. Hugs, Anne

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