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July 25, 2014


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It sounds and looks like tons of fun was had by all.
Great news that the bazaar made some good money.
Have a great weekend...xoxo


Just watching those great kids growing up, even from this far remove, is a blessing to me---you can just SEE the kind regard and the good character in their faces. And everybody's so TALLL.

I think every day how blessed we all are, and how marvelous it would be to have our own all together in one place, since our family is scattered over EIGHT states now.

I'd have loved the tubing---been there and done that, but not with such a bright, cheery conveyance, and that Zip-line thing---now I'd have been right with them. Someday I'm gonna do that, just flying through the treetops, wind in my hair, and probably cackling uproariously with the thrill and fun and shivers of it.

Love to you all from so far away---wish I were there to help you cook for that crowd!



I know they have loved every minute. Can you believe how they have all grown? Time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it?

Happy Pink Saturday, Jeanne.♥


Now I know your secret for Cousin Fun. Four boys and two girls. (Lots of adventure and not so much drama.)

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