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July 18, 2014


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Hi Jeanne...So happy to see you back in BlogLand. I've missed you. I remember all this Lace and was Galore-ious then and again today. I've been doing a lot of De-Stashing of EVERYTHING including Lace, Trim and Buttons. Of course once I got into the Buttons, I created a 'Creative Monster' with Renewing Vintage Jewelry and Buttons. It's okay, as I'm enjoying the process and getting back into the 'Vintage Thingy Thing'.
Happy Pink Saturday!
Sue at CollectInTexas Gal


So glad you are back with us again, Jeanne...:)
Good luck with this big project....
hugs, bj


Seeing you smiling from amidst that big billow of pretties is a wonderful thing. You're the very first I head for when your "light is on" on my sidebar, for you've been greatly missed. I could just cover a bed with all that lace and ribbon, just draping it around and poufing it in places like pillows, and the rest would be in swoops and swags across the window-tops. There's just something about the HAVING of great cushions of pretty laces and ribbons that calls to the little girl in all of us, I think, to enhance our atmosphere with the hyacinths of life---totally unnecessary in the scheme of things, but absolutely vital, somehow.

How I wish you could share our weather---it's almost noon, and hasn't risen above 66! Outside with coffee and a blanket for the past two days---the seven o'clock squirrels and the birds are sublime companions. (Except yesterday I forgot to bring in the gallon Ziploc of all the expired/leftover/unwanted nuts and trail-mix, and went back out later to find a carpet of cashews and filberts scattered from pillar to post around the patio. And the little fellow was quite unabashed---just sat nibbling a nut, right there on the patio bench, while I swept most of it off the edges. Clean as a whistle this morning).

I wish you great success with your fund-raising---there's just something about working on a worthwhile project, with congenial company, and when the wares and products and things-for-sale are beautiful and heart-nourishing, as well, spreading joy to the buyers, and enjoyment in the work of their hands, and then to the glad recipients of the beautiful work---that's a great, worthwhile thing. Who knows what lovely parts of a future quilt or spread or tablecloth or wedding dress you're holding in your hands right there.

love from way over HERE,



I sure hope your sale was a success Jeanne ! I guess I missed this post last time cuz it didn't seem familiar to me.....but I do recall you talking about how well the sale went!! I'd love to be there digging through those supplie.....I'm sure there's something I could add to my craft cave! I know u are now having fun with your grands three r spending the night with us Sunday .....we r really looking forward to that !

It's hot here .....we've had such a wonderful summer I can't complain !


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