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March 07, 2016


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Debbie- Dabble

What a beautiful poem and tribute. I linked your post up to mine....
We will all miss our Smiling Sally....


Magical Mystical Teacher

This is a wonderful tribute to Sally. Thank you, and God bless.


Oh, Jeanne! This was such a beautiful poem. Sally would love it! Bless you sweet friend,
Shelia ;)



Big, big hugs! Loved this tribute to Sally!

Happy Blue Monday! I. So glad you will continue this legacy for Sally.

I love you, my friend.

Sheila (Mrs. Magpie)

Gayle atMuldoon

Thank you for this lovely post. Sally's grace touched so many of us.
I am remembering Sally on my blog today as well.


What a beautiful powm, Jeanne! I will muss Sally very much. Somehow, I am unable to link. I will try again later...Christine


So glad to see your post...
I have a post up, honoring Sally.
xo bj


very sweet post. I heard the news yesterday at B.J.s I was so surprised and sad.
Thank you for writing this post and carrying on her tradition.


Glad you are going to keep Blue Monday going. Her family is supposed to read all the tributes today. Hope it works out for them. Thank your being my friend as well.


Oh, Jeanne! I never knew your friend, but I know you, and have a soft, warm haven in my heart for you as you are missing her.

And I hope we, too, meet someday---it's a dear wish, and may it be soon.

love and,



I know Sally is smiling right now over this sweet tribute. I'm so glad you two were able to meet and to form such a close friendship thru blogging.

Thank you for continuing to host Blue Monday. I thought the link up started today, so I linked you up on my post!! :) Here's my post for today and I also wrote one for Pink Saturday.

She really impacted a lot of bloggers and readers....what a legacy! L, Dana

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Hi Jeanne!
This is a beautiful tribute to Sally--both poem, photo and prose. She was such a wonderful blog friend and always had a positive word for everyone and she always made me smile. It is so nice you had the chance to meet her in person! I added a tribute to her at the end of my blog post today. She will always be in my heart and prayers I'm glad you will be taking over her fun "Blue Monday"! xoxo

Linda Kay

Jeanne, a nice tribute, and you are lucky to have met her.


I just heard of Sally's passing. She was always so kind to me and to many others as well. She will be greatly missed. It was an honor to know her. This was a very lovely tribute Jeanne.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Litte Wandering Wren

Such sad news, you have a beautiful post here today, dearest Jeanne. Sally will be missed by us all. how lovely that you were able to meet in person. I have written a post for Sally on my blog too. I am very happy to hear you will continue with Blue Monday
Wren x


Thanks for the beautiful poem. I will miss Sally so much. She was such a sweet friend and blogger.
This weekend I lost my Godmother too on Saturday. She was in hospice care as well. I know my Mom will miss her
so much because they were best friends for over 65 years. My poor Momma lost her best friend not
a year after losing my Dad. Too sad to post today but I will try again next week. Hugs!

Jeanne Marie

What a beautiful tribute to Sally! It's nice to know Blue Monday will continue through you.


Our sweet Sally will be sorely missed. I have a post for her too at



So beautiful Jeanne. Thank you for sharing this poem and wonderful words and the photo of yourself and Sally. She will be missed because she shed such a light on people but I know that smile i lighting up heaven and I am pretty sure she is convincing God to let those blues shine. I will always think of Sally when I see something blue. I am sad but my heart knows she was a faithful servant of God and is sharing in His love today. Thank you Jeanne, you are quite a wonderful friend yourself. Hugs xo Anne


Its a wonderful tribute!


Thank you so very much for the manner in which you memorialized my mother. I know she would be thrilled to know that you shared this information with your blogger friends. She was blessed by your friendship. I'm glad she was able to meet you on this side of Heaven.
"The Lord bless you & keep you,"
Sally's daughter,


Very sad news today.
What a beautiful tribute Jeanne - Sally will be smiling down on you after reading those words.
I'm quite new to Blue Monday, but I will miss seeing that Sally has popped into my blog to leave me a kind comment.
Take care


This is lovely. Truly. I didn't know that Blue Monday was continuing in your care and I am so glad to have found this tribute to Sally. Wishing you a blessed day.

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