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March 13, 2016


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Hi, Blue Monday Host....looks like everything is going perfectly....GOOD JOB to you and Beverly.
Happy Blues...xoxo


Took me a while to figure out what I should do. I am kinda slow to changes. You have done a remarkable job and "someone special" would be very proud. The time change has me off schedule. Look forward to many more wonderful blue Mondays.


Thank you, Jeanne, for carrying on Sally's wonderful meme. I'm sure she's proud of you!

Aktuella bilder

Really like the picture of the puppy who does not want to let go of his bear. And peace to Sally.

Debbie at Travel with intent

Well done for stepping in to host this big meme.
My blue for today seems to be an absolutely perfect blue for remembering Sally


Thank you for continuing Blue Monday.
The grey puppy is so cute, and the other one is adorable!
Have a great week!

Litte Wandering Wren

Hello Jeanne - thank you for the smiles and thank you for hosting Blue Monday, you are a star! Love that the gorgeous Cheri makes an appearance too, the crazy poodle says hi!
Have a happy week
Wren x

Nick, Melbourne

Good to see you hosting Blue Monday, Jeanne. I wish you many many more happy posts!
Best regards from Melbourne, Australia, where we are seeing the approach of Autumn.

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Happy Blue Monday, Jeanne!


Hi Jeanne! Oh, thank you for picking up Blue Monday! A new beginning to meeting more friends. I'm glad you're back to blogging and thank you again for hosting our blue party. Sally would be so happy!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Linda Kay

Happy you are taking over Blue Monday. I'll have to be on the lookout for blues. Love the puppy.


Jeanne, thank you for picking up Sally’s mantle. As a remembrance, posted one of my first Blue Monday post.


Hi Jeanne, I am 21 today! Hee Hee! Number wise here at your first Blue Monday hosting day. I have always loved sharing these blues so I hope we continue this tradition for a long while. Thank you for taking your time to do this. Love and Hugs, Anne


Thanks so much for taking over with the link up. I love the puppy pictures and you have a beautiful blog. So happy to have found you cheers!


I hope this works!Q It seemed easy enough. Thanks for hosting and
for I love the funnies and cute photo of your dog hugging the bear :)


hahhaa....what a great turnout for your party...
Now, you may have to pull a "Sally" on some that link but don't leave a comment for you.
She would shame them by saying something like "so enjoyed your beautiful blues today...please come back and tell me how you enjoyed MY blue.." hahhaaa...most of the people would hurry back and leave her a comment.
Great job here, Jeanne....

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

So glad to see you are keeping Blue Monday in Sally's honor, Jeanne! She left this beloved meme in good hands! Love that cute puppy on the blue blanket :)




Thanks for taking this on in Sally's honor - I was saddened to read of her passing.


Jeanne, I did a post, but didn't get it linked because Fred took his computer with him.

I will try again next week.

Love you!

Sheila (Mrs. Magpie)


Hello, Jeanne. Thank you for hosting Blue Monday and continuing the lagacy. Cheers from Sydney Australia, Jim.


Oops. That should be "legacy". :)


Happy Blue Monday, Jeanne! Thank you for continuing Sally's blog party. I'm sure you made her very proud!!

I'm late, but I'm here....finally!!

Love your sweet photos ....especially that one of CC and her bear!! It's awesome that she takes good care of it and doesn't tear it up!!

Gotta get supper ready!!

L, Dana

Debbie Barna

Thanks so much for stopping by!! I linked up my Easter Tree which has some blue on it! Thanks for taking over our Sally's party. I will link up whenever I have something blue to post..


Sarah Longes

Hi Jeanne,

I'm so glad that you are hosting Blue Monday for Sally :-) A lasting legacy to a very lovely woman. Gorgeous dogs! Our cats have a red blanket that they're very attached to. They're not allowed soft toys anymore after decapitating a toy cat of mine!! There was stuffing EVERYWHERE.

Have a great week,


Great showing. Sally would be pleased. Way to go Blue!♥


How wonderful Jeanne for taking over Sally's dear BLUE Monday party. No one better then you, so thank you so much for hosting this First BLUE after dearest Sally's passing.
Now we'll always remember and continue Sally's legacy thru you.
Have a great week.
PS: My table is mostly green but the plates have blue in the edges with the green shamrocks and some blue napkin rings to match.


Thank you Jeanne for taking on Sally's Blue Monday. I was thinking of Sally all day today and went to visit Linda at A La Carte who posted about your promise to Sally. Thank you Jeanne for hosting Blue Monday and congratulations on your first Blue Monday. Love the puppy with the blue blanket especially.

Donna Wilkes

I liked to visit on Blue Monday, but never linked a post. Today in honor of Sally and you, Jeanne, I linked two posts. I always enjoy the blue links.

Linda @ A La Carte

Thank you for continuing this party, a great way to honor Sally. I tried to link up but for some reason couldn't but I did a post that linked back to you!
Linda @ A La Carte

Tony McGurk

The 1st Doggy photo is adorable & as a fellow Poodle owner I must say how beautiful your Poodle is. Our Toy Poodle Dixie is our 4th Poodle & after previously owning many other dogs I wouldn't have any other breed of dog now. We got our first Poodle a Mini because we wanted a dog we could have inside without the inconvenience of shedding fur everywhere. We had a tan & white Jack Russell before our 1st Poodle & it was always white fur everywhere when he came inside.


Dear Jeanne

Sorry I'm late posting!

Smiling Sally would love your entire post today - I can imagine she is smiling down on us from above!

Great advice about the plane - I fell for that and the answer is so right!

Thank you for hosting Jeanne, being a blue girl I'm so happy you are continuing Sally's party!

Shane x


Thank you for continuing with Sally's meme and hosting it! Sally must be really very happy :)

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