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April 01, 2016


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HPS! Such great photo shares of your Easter Day! Love that cutie great grand girl! So sweet. I need to post for Pink Saturday so I better hurry before I am too late. Have a great weekend Jeanne. Thank you for all your shares. xo

Peggy Rudd Jones

Wow, wish I had been there. Beautiful photos. I love asparagus and ham. Thanks for sharing.


Over the years, we found two days out of the year you eat at home, Easter and Mother's day. The restaurants are too crowded. You set a very pretty table and no doubt the event was enjoyed by everyone. You are a very busy lady.


What a welcoming, beautiful table and buffet! And what a wonderful time must have been had by all. You're a hostess extraordinaire, with all that love showing in each and every dish and plate and bunny on the table.

And FROZEN SALAD! You knew I'd zero in on that---it's so misunderstood---(THAT'S a SALAD???---Jello and marshmallows as a SALAD??? You Southern people are WEIRD!). We just had a wonderful 1/2 Watergate last night with chicken casserole and it was fabulous.

Hope you're getting sunny---we had torrential rains a couple of days, and the back yard was a big ole loblolly. Hope to get it all cleared off and some flowers in next weekend. THIS ONE IS BUSY!

love and,


ellen b

Your Easter spread looked delicious! Love the variety. We usually go buffet style at this old house. What a fun centerpiece you created, too. I'm sure all your guests appreciated eating at your beautiful table instead of a restaurant. Your great granddaughter is so sweet. Glad you can visit her in May! I'll be in Texas at the end of April...


popping back in to say thank you for the sweet note, and to say hello to Miss Lily Mae! What a delightful young lady---just gazing into the camera like nobody's business, smart and smiling. There's just something about little pink baby girls with a garter on their heads---surpassed only by peeping out from under a bonnet. A Bonnet-peep will get you anything you want in this world. You're gonna get lots of baby sugar when you go se her!

And just noticed that you have our exact "Tomato Slice," named by a dear old lady when i used to cater so many parties down South---it went onto the big cut-glass platter with the chosen-exactly-the-same size tomato slices, each topped with a tee-ninecy spoon of homemade mayonnaise. I found one in Goodwill after we moved up here, and we called it that until the first Thanksgiving, when it became The Cranberry Thing, back when we unabahedly popped open both ends of the Ocean Spray and served it on a tiny clear platter, each person cutting a slice as they went down the line.

How bon vivant, how chic!

love you, Sister-Girl.


PS I stuck last initial onto the rachel when I joined a recipe and cooking blog, and there was a VERY territorial rachel already in residence.


Great celebration.


Wow. What a lovely post. Your dining room is gorgeous! So is your table and that center piece. I bet your young guest enjoyed it! Love this!

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