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April 28, 2016


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So much sadness and tragedies lately, it is nice to enjoy a post on the lighter side. You come up with some of the best funnies. Slow down and enjoy my roses.


All of these are sure to bring happy smiles. Happy Pink Saturday…….


lolololol... That moment in an epic of our Goldens actually does that all the time. lol
Great post!
Happy pinks!


You're so right, my dear Jeanne !!!

Hope you're enjoying your day, I'm wishing you much love for your weekend to come,
sending blessings to you across the many miles



OH.....I LOVE these awesome funny pictures!! What a great way to start Pink Saturday!!

I am so glad you are taking a break from all of that work!!! You deserve it!!!

We are busy here.....getting ready for an inaugural 1/2 marathon on Sunday!! There are a 1,000 signed up for the 5K and 1/2....and this is the first year!! I hope it's a huge hit will be so positive for our town!!

Again, I'm so looking forward to seeing you so very soon!!! I want you all rested up for your trip!!

Have a great weekend!!

L, Dana


Very fun pictures, but I especially liked the branch manager and the quote about worry.


loved all of these...brightened my Sat. :)


Love you, Jeanne!


Very cute and funny! There are some clever computer savvy people out there!


Who are you kidding? Cheri barks at everything. I hear her over the phone. haha

Happy Pink Saturday. Thanks for the giggles.

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