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June 05, 2016


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Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Hi Jeanne!

It is so nice you are enjoying time away with friends and family! Safe travels. Your quote is so true--the best times are spent with those we love!

Happy Blue Monday


Debbie at Travel with intent

Sounds like a great time with friends old and new
Happy Blue Monday


Actually I have no words to tell you how much I love this way to begin my week with, sweet Jeanne, with this so beautiful party you always put a smile on my face !

Sure you're having a wonderful time with your friends, I wish you a most beautiful week to come,

sending you my dearest love

Xx Dany

Gayle atMuldoon

Blue jeans and Texas just go together. Enjoy your trip.


Jeanne, glad you had a great time visiting with Bill’s friends. Thanks for hosting.


Glad you got to visit the great state of Texas and your great granddaughter. Very nice pic of you with your husband and friends. Enjoy your stay.

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It's always great to meet in person people you have "met" online and have got to know well, Jeanne. Texas is a wonderful place to visit and we had fun when we were there several years ago.
Thanks for hosting!


Another great Blue Monday, Jeanne! Thanks.


Whatever type camera you have and the person taking the photo, did an excellent job. That is such a great photo. Clear and sharp. We all need to apply your quote to our lives each day. Be safe on your journey.


Hi, Jeanne...thanks so much for hosting...have a great week. xoxo


Hi Jeanie, good visits, always a pleasure. The wedding this weekend was my niece's and she invited 100 Mountain Bike riding friends (plus 20 older relatives) who came from near and far to a casual camping weekend and wedding in the forest. Feast in the closest country Hall for 120 (my sister and her team catered). Tacos and about 50 different foods to add, home made desserts. Kegs of beer. Heaped plates, happy guests who danced to a band until 1 am and were driven from and to the campground in a bus. Great weekend and the ferry was lined with mountain bikes Sunday morning as everyone started their journey home. Good memories.


So glad you were able to meet up with your dh friends! Have a great week Jeanne!

Sarah Longes

Hi Jeanne,

I congratulate you on your survival skills!! Fortunately for me both my hubby and I enjoy the same sport of Rugby. He likes the American Football too but I just get bored of all the breaks in play ;-) Always good getting together with friends!

Have a great week,


Hi Jeanne, you are a real good sport hanging out with your honey's buddies and enjoying football talk! Your photos are always precious to me and I know we have that common link of love for our phamilies. It is always my pleasure to join you here. After a long and frustrating morning at the courthouse waiting for jury selection, I was grateful not to be selected. I don't think I would do anyone any favors being on a criminal case. I don't even watch violence on T.V. Met the sweetest lil gal named Heaven. She was 23 years old and one of the first ones selected for a big criminal case. I told her I would be praying for her. My goodness the hot weather is settling in. I wish there was a pleasant place to live where the temps ranged from 50 to 70 year round. That would be perfect for me. Have a great week and please enjoy your trip but have safe travels too. xo Anne

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