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June 19, 2016


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Hi Jeanne, hope the weekend was wonderful! I also wish all your men that are dad's a great week and hope their Father's Day was terrific! I love blue hydrangeas. So sweet and your yard looks lovely. Happy Blue Monday to you! ENjoy a great week and thank you for hosting Blue MOnday! Hugs, Anne xo


Wonderful view Jeanne and such an abundance of blue hydrangeas. Lovely. Thank you for Blue Monday, always look forward to visiting and joining in.


I'm so amazed at your blue hydrangeas, dear Janne, thank you for sharing their beauty with us today !

Hope your week is off to a good start and grateful more and more for hosting this lovely party I'm sending blessings of joy to you

xxo - Dany

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Your blue hydrangeas are exceptional, Jeanne! You have a beautiful home and view, that I know you enjoy very much. Happy Blue Monday!

Gemma Wiseman

Those hydrangeas so beautifully brighten the entrance to the lovely home.

Gayle atMuldoon

Good things come to those who wait and your hydrangeas were worth the wait.


Enjoy those hydrangeas, Jeanne—they are beyond beautiful!


They are stunning flowers, Jeanne! Perfectly suit the lovely house.
Thanks for hosting!

Nick, Melbourne

PS: And some blue trains... Enjoy your new week!


Love your home and surrounding area. I think the lower deck looks pretty with the blue doors and beautiful flowers. I had my first hydrangea plant this year and it was blue. Yours are so bright and lovely. We are still going through a heat wave, so mine probably will burn up. Take time out and enjoy your flowers.

Nonnies Memories

What a beautiful place to live and you are right! Those hydrangeas do take your breath away. Perfect in front of your lovely home.


thanks so much for hosting...
i am GREEN with envy over your beautiful blue flowers....sooooooo pretty.

Jesh StG

My, our lower deck loves blue:) Have a great time dressing it up more (although the many hydrangea would be enough for me:) )

Jesh StG

Sorry for the typo: I meant your deck!

Gin Hansson

Wow!!! A very beautiful house... I love the style and i like those flowers. Im not really sure but i think my mother have the same flowers in our backyard now in Philippines. We call that flowers "millions". :).

Happy blue monday Jeannie


Oh your backyard looks awesome. I love those flowers. My roses did not fair to well this year and neither did my hydrangeas. Have a fun week!


Jeanne, blue hydrangeas. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

Sarah Longes

Hi Jeanne,

How lovely! One of my favourite flowers. You must have exactly the right soil type there :-)

Have a great week,

Litte Wandering Wren

I love Hydrangeas! Such honest, good value plants that last a long time and are ... Blue!
Have a happy week Jeanne.
Wren x


I love your house, everything about it. Your crawl space front door is beautiful. I could see a couple of swings or hammocks, maybe some comfy outdoor couches or chairs. Great place to read and relax in the early fall and spring season. The flower colors are so vivid. Mine are hot pink. Love how these bunches of flowers last long and look so beautiful.


My mum has hydrangeas in her garden but in many other colours too such as white, pink and purple.

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