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June 10, 2016


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both of you look glad you could spend time together...xoxo


I heartily thank you for your always so beautiful posts dear Jeanne, you always make my day !

May your weekend be filled with much joy, sending blessings to you, with so much gratitude

Xx Dany


This gave me a big smile, too. You both look wonderful. I can only imagine all the talking, and that makes me giggle.

Happy Pink Saturday, dear friend.♥


Awww, Darlin' Girl!!

This just makes me smile all over! I love that you meet and look forward to the "same time next year" of your friendship---what a wonderful, serendipitous thing it is to meet such sweet, interesting people, just "out of the blue," so to speak. And just coincidentally, I met my longest blogging friend for the first time in April, 2009---her husband wrote a secret e-mail and said she loved my blog and all she wanted for Christmas in 08 was to meet me. So they came and spend a week, and we meet up halfway or they come here, nearly every year. What riches, and how lucky!

As I hope to be so lucky as to meet YOU in person, someday, M' Dear! It would be a sweet dream come true.

Heading out to a Birthday Luncheon for my best-friend-neighbor, who is NINETY today!

love and,


Peggy Rudd Jones

Nothing like friends for an enjoyable day. I love your silver hair. I used to keep mine auburn too and having a job in Public Relations I had to stay on the ball keeping the roots from showing. I got tired of it and with a sophisticated cut just love my silver locks now. Your both are looking fine.

Nonnies Memories

What a wonderful and fun friendship you have. I love it. You both look fantastic!

Janice@Curtains In My Tree

I have met the best friends in blog land also.
I think you look charming in your grey hair
of course I have grey hair so I would say that. I quit coloring my hair also,I had to face i'm a senior lady now and it doesn't matter since i'm not gentleman hunting LOL


Omg!! That is just the bestest pink sat. post ever! I can't believe it's taken me so many days to visit and to see it!! Honestly , Jeanne, I'm tearing up!!

We are so lucky to get to see each other ......and when we do it's non stop gabbing ....just like we are life long friends , but we've just known each other , via our blogs, since 2008!!!! You are right, we did become fast friends . I also am sad that the "heyday" of blogging is over ...but I am so happy we were a part of it! We have so many friendships because of it....especially because of Beverly's Pink Saturday!!

We have both changed a bit in our appearances since we first met ....I think for the better !! You were beautiful then, but even more so with your gorgeous silver hair!!! I didn't realize how much I've changed in "size"! I do owe it to all of the running cuz I still love to eat ! Haha. You have witnessed that!

I truly have been using that sweet coffee mug every morning...and the kitty plate is displayed in our kitchen .

Im glad you had such a good visit with your KCMO relatives and that sweet great grand in Texas ! You guys packed a lot onto a short amount of time !!

Again , I am so glad we were able to spent a few hours together.....great memories were made!!

Love, Dana

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