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August 05, 2016


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Oh, Sweetpea! What adventures you're having! All that travel and visiting and staying on the boat all together for four days---what a wonderful time, and I'll bet you were quite at home, with all your experience of "five sisters and one bath" in your growing-up years. We had a 35-foot one that Daddy built when I was a teen, and I just loved that little doll-sized galley with everything in its place.

Girl, you DO beat ALL for just stepping out into the world and hugging tight to everything it brings---for some zany reason I'm reminded of a fabulous character on The Brady Bunch, played by the incomparable Imogene Coca. She was the adventurous aunt, the wandering, charming relative who would send postcards from Zanzibar or ship home the gift of an antelope given her by some tribal king, to live on her ranch with her zebra. I've never forgotten the fun, adventurous spirit of the character, played to the intrepid, devil-may-care hilt by such a fun character, herself.

I just never know what to expect when I tune in to the "Journeys of Jeanne," and all your free, welcoming spirit and sense of fun just BRIGHT me no end.

I love you, Dear Friend,


And would you believe---I went on TWO trips in July!!?? Amazes me, too.


What a cool place to go for summer. I think I mentioned before I would love to visit Michigan. Glad you are having fun.


You're right, Jeanne. That is darling! I can hardly wait to see more photos of your trip, and to hear about the adventures.

Love you.♥ Happy Pink Saturday.


What a blessing you are so fortunate and healthy to get out and enjoy life and the world. LOVE SEEING AND HEARING ABOUT THEM.Be safe.


As a child we took a ship across Lake Michigan. It was called the Milwaukee Clipper and i believe it's a museum now. What surprised us was that people were sea sick on the lake. That's one big lake. I bet the weather was wonderful. I'd love to be up there right now. I love that carriage with the flowers.


how fun this all that quaint little town...

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

I ahd a baby carriage similar to this when my children were infants. I walked everywhere with them in Brooklyn. Nice memories, Jeanne!

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