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August 12, 2016


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I am stunned to know this is a painting....i truly thought it was real...such a wonderful talent...


Oh, the gift in those talented hands! And eye and heart, if truth be told---that's simply a stunning piece of art, and I'm amazed at the purity and REAL of it. Your wonderful family never ceases to astonish with their talents and gifts.

Hope you're staying KEWL, faraway friend!

love and,



I am absolutely amazed that this is not a photo. Too gorgeous! What a wonderful gift God has given her.


What a wonderful gift and talent. A perfect rose.
Trust you are home and resting.

Tony McGurk

She's incredibly talented. No matter how much I tell myself it's a painting my mind insists it's a photo.


I thought that was a photo of the rose!! Holy cow....she's absolutely amazing!!!

Thank you for sharing her talent with us!!

Oh my goodness....your trip was so terrific!! I know you loved every moment!!! However, I'm sure Bill and CC missed you so very I know you missed them as well!

Bonnie, Marian and I went to see the new Meryl Streep movie on Friday: Florence Foster Jenkins. It was very good....based on a real story. Afterwards we had ice cream....and Bonnie announced she was gonna let her hair go gray! I showed her what yours looks like...she really liked it!!

I've nearly recovered from our trip to CO and the scare we had while there. Every thing is fine ....we returned Tues. I realized how much I dislike that long boring drive across KS! OMG plus they've destroyed what little pretty land there is with those horrible wind turbines!! What a waste. I don't even want to get started on those disgusting things.

So I will stop! haha

Hope you've caught up on your rest.....and are getting ready for your next adventure!!

L, Dana


Oh my goodness, I love Linda's artistic treasure here. I have a beautiful yellow rose photo I had put on canvas and would love to find a gorgeous pink rose to add to my wall. This is what I had been dreaming of! Please tell Linda her talent is amazing. HPS a bit late and I try to comment to others there. I miss not getting lots of comments from others when I take the time and effort to do so. I know we are all busy but sometime just a quick courtesy is going to make someone smile a bit more. Thank you for reminding others to comment, comment, comment, hee hee. I am glad I remembered to comment here at your pink post too. Take care. xo Anne

Tony McGurk

I came back for another look & even when I click to enlarge it, it still looks like a photo. Are you sure your not playing a trick on us Jeanne???


Wow beautiful Chalily Display and love Linda's pink rose, it's beautiful! Awesome
family picture as well. Hope you have a wonderful week!

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