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September 18, 2016


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My goodness, what sweet orchids! That monkey face and the babies are so cute but each one is unique and so pretty. It is always good to be here. Have a terrific week Jeanne. Hugs!

Gemma Wiseman

Orchids certainly appear in the most amazing designs and colours. These are absolutely enchanting, especially the first one.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Dazzling orchids!


Thanks so much for the party!!


Jeanne, exquisite orchids. Thanks for sharing.


The wondrous world of nature! Thanks for hosting, Jeanne.

Nick, Melbourne

And some photos of a large mural, also from me.

Sarah Shelly

What spectacular flowers. I hope you have a lovely week, and thank you for hosting.

Sarah @ Gypsy Girl Revivals


those are the sweetest flowers...and tho I love them all, the little babies in a blanket really are sweet.
Thanks for the blue party. xo

Daniela L.

I sincerely hope I succeed, this time, it is the fifth time I'm trying to post my comment, I've just linked up my blog post, I wonder what you're thinking of me, dearest Jeanne !

Let me say that your orchids are simply stunning, they truly fill my heart with joy, thank you !

Please, forgive my delay, sweet friend, sometimes the web surprises us ... Happy Blue Monday to you

Xx Dany

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Great shots of these remarkable flowers, Jeanne!
Thanks for hosting.

Sonya Badgley

Hello, Jeanne! The orchids are so beautiful, even the funny faced ones! And the colors are so vibrant! I haven't linked up with Blue Monday for SO long! It's great to be back. Thank you for hosting, Jeanne. Happy Blue Monday!

Jesh StG

These orchids made me smile - never seen these before! Thanks for sharing and horsing Jeanne!


I am amazed at the variety of looks for the orchards, each plant was so unique. The babies in blanket orchards (what a sweet flower) were so tender and the monkey face - well, loved them all, learned something new today. Thank you too for hosting Blue Monday - my blue is quite small today, some embroidery on a small cloth and a bit of dutch themed small ornaments.

Sarah Longes

Hi Jeanne, I love orchids! Some here that I have seen before and a few new to me. I posted an image just yesterday of some of favourite ones at Wisley in their Glasshouse! Such amazing colours and patterns :-)

Have a lovely week,

Litte Wandering Wren

Ohhh I love orchids, I'm off to the land of orchids ... or one of them this week! That first photo is amazing
I am interested to note you use typepad for your blog as I'm trying to figure out my blogging what next!
Have a lovely week Jeanne
Wren x


Hi! Wow,Very beautiful. They are very interesting too. Thanks for sharing.


Dearest Jeanne,

thanking you most sincerely for your so welcome words of solace
I'm sending blessings of joy on your weekend ahead and on your Fall

Xx Dany

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