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September 04, 2016


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Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

I'm sure going to Gators games is a lot of fun for you and your family, Jeanne as you all have a special connection to the team. Go Gators!! Happy Blue Monday! Hugs, Pat


Cute alligator in a vest, hehe.... Looks like great games and a lot of fun.
Greetings from Germany :-)


Such a funny post, thank you dearest Jeanne for sharing your amusement with us !

So very glad to be hosted here today too I'm sending all my love to you, may your new week be filled with joy

Xx Daniela at - My little old world -

Gemma Wiseman

Looks like you really enjoy the Gators. You sound so excited.


Hi! It looks very fun. The Gators game looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Litte Wandering Wren

Go Gators indeed, that is one huge crowd. I love that you get your work out just getting to the Stadium, what fun to see the Grandkids in the marching band! I'm sorry I haven't been around much - work is taking most of my time! Have a beautiful big blue week Jeanne
Wren x


Jeanne, it has been awhile since the Syracuse Orange challenged the Gators. Thanks for sharing.


lOOK AT YOU TWO CHOMPERS!! That's the kind of grandparents we try to be---out there and cheering them on. If it just weren't so FAR between all of us.

You're a cheery bit of fun this Monday morning. Just posted my usual Labor Day blog post, listening to ALABAMA, being cool and ignoring all the dishes and disarray from Sweetpea's birthday celebration yesterday. We had a lovely patio lunch, with rainbows and unicorns and ring-toss and amongst the six of us, we ranged from NINE to NINETY!!

What a fabulous day, with the tree all trimmed neatly, the shade and the colourful cloths and party hats and "blowers" and all sorts of rainbowy things, including some of those bead-things that grow when you put them in water. We lined up some little plastic glasses, dropped a few beads in each, and set them in the sunshine. By the end of lunch, we had a perfect rainbow across the table---red across to purple. Fun little bit of magic.

Y'all Kids be GOOD, now!



What fun—especially for die-hard fans!

My Desktop

Looks like your family are dedicated fans, Jeanne! Just as well the Gators have a blue flag!
Thanks for hosting.


Happy Blue Monday...
this Jeanie and Bill are a bit older than Blue Monday Jeanne and Bill will be 83 in April and I am pounding on 79's doorway...

Nonnies Memories

I am so impressed not only by your loyalty to your team, but your willingness to walk so far from the parking lot and to sit in the pouring rain. Wow! Happy Labor Day to you. Cool pictures of you beating that drum and doing the stretches. I have to remember the alligator joke for the kids.


That's dedication, Jeanne! Nice post, thanks for sharing.

Linda Kay

Football is in full swing in Texas, a favorite pastime among Texans. Have a lovely day.

Sarah Longes

Hi Jeanne, looks like you're having fun :-) That's a huge drum but I bet it makes a great noise!

Have a great week!


What a great way for family to get together - at a Gator's game ! Thank you Jeanne for Blue Monday. Happy September.

Jesh StG

Your hubby is almost 80??? I'll be glad if I can put one foot before the other, by then:):) Can see you two had a great time! Have a happy week:)

Magical Mystical Teacher

Bill looks great dressed in blue!


You are such great Gator fans! I admire you! But when you love your teams you have to do what you have to do. Hee Hee! We once sat on metal bleachers in minus 8 degrees to watch a college football game that Hannah's ex beau played in. The warm bathrooms were the best part of that day! Oh the things we do for the love of sports!
Happy Blue Monday! I am going to try to make the rounds. I am so glad I am getting up and around again! Yayyyyyyyy! Have a wonderful week. xo Anne


It's been years since I've seen a game at Florida Field (which has grown tremendously!), but I have lots of memories! We lived in Flavet III many moons ago and walked to all the games. Go, Gators!

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