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September 17, 2016


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Tristan Robin Blakeman

oh! that "glass" butterfly is amazing! I'm so glad you posted it and I got a chance to see it - now I have to go google it up and find out more about it!


Ah, this is such a nice surprise. Thank you. We have both been blessed with wonderful marriages.♥

Happy Pink Saturday, dear Jeanne.


You are the TOP post on my sidebar this morning, and I think that's just SWELL! And what a Happy Post, for Dear Beverly's anniversary! Aren't they just the Cutest Couple? (Did your high school have those elections with Most Intellectual and Most Likely to Succeed, with that as one of the categories?) They look like teenagers (and probably were, pretty close, to have been married so many years). What a special moment, and such a Special Friendship---I love that you are such long-time companions and confidantes and friends. What a Sweetie she is!

I haven't visited like usual, and don't know if I'm just slow, or just "wading mud" as I think of it, trying to get FALL things done, where so much of the Summer Stuff is still spread about. My reputation as a Glitchess has been proved true, once again, with a good while of inconvenience and a happy solution this morning. We lost the little A/C in our room during the HOTTEST days of last week, replaced it in one quick trip and little hefting and installing between the two of us in a tight little space, then the DW had a bad spell of would/would not, and finally the dryer stopped mid-run with all lights on and no spin.

Calls and appointments, etc. for Monday, and when I got up this a.m., lo and behold!! Chris had fixed them BOTH---he went into Computer Mode for the dryer, and did some kind of magic on the control board that put it back in sync. So I've got a busy clean-stuff day ahead, but so glad to have things in working order.

I hope you a fabulous weekend---ours is a little damp, but I just got a text from Sweetpea's soccer game with them playing in a wet field. The resiliency and enthusiasm of the Young never fail to amaze and delight.

love and,



This is a sweet share Jeanne! I am excited to see so many wonderful anniversary shares all over! My cousin Ray, a retired police officer and his wife Kathy shared 58 years this week. It is quite an honor to list these folks and their long lasting love. Always a kind heart, you share the sweet and simple and wonderful things in life. Thank you Jeanne.

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