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October 09, 2016


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Hi Jeanne, such a sweet share! Those squirrels are fearless! Your photo is very cute. I love the cartoon too and all your shares today. Have a good week and thank you for doing this each week.Joyful Hugs, Anne

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

In New York we saw grey squirrels, in Colorado I see brown/red squirrels. They are very entertaining and very hungry all the time!

Happy Blue Monday, Jeanne!

Maria Gagliano

Awww squirrels are busy and adorable.


Thanks so much for this party...and those squirrels are adorable...

My Desktop

I always enjoy seeing squirrels when I travel to places where they live as we don;t have them wild in Australia. These are great photos, Jeanne, and I had a laugh with the cartoon.
Thanks for hosting.

Nick, Melbourne

I think I've liked these ever since I first watched the antics of "Chip and Dale"!
Thanks, Jeanne!

Nonnies Memories

I love watching squirrels. They are so much fun to watch when chasing each other or doing their cute little flips! I don't think I realized there were so many varieties of squirrels. Happy Blue Monday and thanks for hosting.


Jeanne, a squirrelly bunch. Thanks for sharing.


Not aware of so many different squirrels. I have many, but they just dig holes in the yard and bury their food. It is amazing how they know just where they buried it. They are cute to watch play, but can be pest as well.

Magical Mystical Teacher

What a cute little squirrel friend you have!

I thought we had grey squirrels around my house, but now seeing your photos, I wonder if they are the blue ones, because they have a bluish cast! Great post Jeanne! Have a great week - thank you for posting and writing me all your nice long comments every week!!


Hey, Darlin' Girl,

just dropping in to wish you a Happy Fall, and know that your mountains are getting even more spectacular with all the colours there are. We're all enjoying the cool weather, and even with it would be warmer tomorrow, just a little bit, for we wanted to have our Halloween-House decorating party out on the patio.

They have the cutest little birdhouses at Hobby lobby---first time I've been in a craft store in years---and we got several styles, some with picket fences and verandahs, and even a castle-fort for our one Grandson who will be participating. I HATE shopping, and was surprised that we were in there for two hours, for I just could not resist aisle after aisle of stuff to gussy up the little houses with.

I LOVE your squirrels---your Sammy seems quite the happy little neighbor, and I think the red one with the spiky ears is my favorite---just the right mix of curiosity and outrage in his manner.

You be sweet, now.

Love and,



Ahhh Such cute little fellows ♥


I love that room. We have an under the sea bathroom in our basement. If Logan wants it updated I guess go for it. But I like it just the way it is :) Have a great week Jeanne and thanks for hosting as always!

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