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November 21, 2016


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Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Happy Thanksgiving, Jeanne! Happy Blue Monday!
My husband is from Italy and in Italy religious holidays or saint days are celebrated. They do not have an official Thanksgiving Day but many do celebrate the harvest with a celebration of thankfulness. When my husband's family immigrated to the US in the late 50's they began to celebrate Thanksgiving, but never cooked a turkey. They ate more traditional Italian foods, like lasagna and capon. Ever since my husband and I were married I've made Thanksgiving dinner for my family--42 years of turkey dinners!


Good Morning and Happy Blue Monday to you, dearest Jeanne !
I so love this post of yours, your wonderful family and the costumes you all wear to celebrate your Thanksgiving Day charm me very much !

Thanking you for hosting me today, as well, I'm wishing you a most joyful and peaceful Festivity than ever, thinking of you with love

Xx Dany


Great photos, Jeanne! It is a pity we do not celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia. I remember fondly being a guest in an American family's celebrations when I was visiting the USa many years ago and i believe it is one of the most wholesome of the American holidays.
Enjoy your celebrations with your family and I wish you peace and joy.


PS: Thank you for hosting!


PS: Thank you for hosting!


Jeanne, what a great way to continue the tradition of Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing. May you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving.


Wonderful Thanksgiving family memories, thank you for sharing. Thank you too for Blue Monday, always look forward to visiting and joining in.


I remember these photos and glad you posted them again.
Happy Blue Monday and am hoping your Thanksgiving is wonderful...xo

Linda Kay

Such fun Thanksgiving commemorations. I haven't seen those costumes in a while.

Magical Mystical Teacher

People do love to dress up in costumes, don't they? Happy Thanksgiving!

Sarah Longes

Hi Jeanne, you all look brilliant! Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Have a great week,


You all look great! Love the costumes. Looks like you had a good time :)
Happy Thanksgiving!


Do not recall seeing it, but my memory is not the best. Sorry late commenting but it has been one of those days when everything went wrong. I love seeing your family sharing such a special day in a very special way. Many blessings to each for the holiday.

Yes, I got you pegged almost immediately! You did a great job with Bill's hat! And thank you so much for the sweet note from last week! With so many festivities this and the coming month, I know it will be on and off for All SEASONS - but great whenever you can make it!

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