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November 26, 2016


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I started yesterday with 2 little flocked and lighted 3 ft. trees in my dining room...I won't put decorations on them..they look sweet sitting on tabletops...I plan on putting my tree up in the living room today...or maybe just do the mantel...not putting a lot out ..I tend to get too much and then it looks cluttered ...and when it looks cluttered, I get tired of all of it too quick...xoxo


What you have done looks very nice. I gave up decorating when I lost my husband. Just me, not worth the work and cleaning up. I enjoy what my family does at their homes.


Can't think of a sweeter greeting than all that luscious PINK and the bright welcome of your home. All that long-loved furniture and china and the twinkle of all the lights of the holiday season---what a wonderful thing to wake up to, as well.

I've been so out of touch with everyone and everything, and our preparations were so slow in getting going. We just yesterday had our little family gathering upstairs for Thanksgiving---just the few LOCAL of us, and it was just such fun and planning and talking about other times and folks we wish could be with us, but we finally got it to everybody off work and everybody not committed to other plans, and it was so nice. Chris did us one of his magnificent hams on the grill, for we'd all had turkey and dressing at least once this week.

I do plan to be brighter myself, and more energetic and more adept at the getting readies and the putting ups and the getting dones. The girls had a laughing good time over getting the living room tree put together after our long visit at the table. I'd heard Caro laughingly offering DDIL bids in increments to help with the tree during dessert, with both too "full and lazy" to attempt it for a while. I think they were up to $150 when they finally dragged out the tree box. They strung lights and talked and wrestled branches, and I think the "work auction" may become a tradition. just because of the hilarious banter amongst the group.

And by then, the recalcitrant ROLLS had finally risen, so I stuck them in the oven about five o'clock, and we had a "fresh-buttered roll break," which ought to become a tradition, I think. Something so simple and silly to cause for so much enjoyment of the unexpected moment. I did have a package of King's rolls in the house, so we'd sliced and heated those to go with the ham, so we didn't miss out completely at lunch. They took home a fragrant, still-warm box of the rolls to have for their late supper.

I'm just blathering on, while Chris putters in the kitchen and brings me my second cup of this GOOD Keurig coffee. Must get me to some little chores, for we completely abandoned all the dishes soon as the Tupperwares were safely in the fridge. Much to to, much to look forward to, much to prepare.

Love from way over here,



Jeanne, I love your hutch....but I lust after those dishes!! Is that bad? haha

We had a great Tgiving.....but I'm still tired!! I had to launch right into craft show mode afterwards. I'm a panic level as it's next fri and sa and I've gotten very little made. It seems I'm slower each year with cranking stuff motivation is also not as good as it once was for being in these sales.

Gotta head downstairs and make some santas!! hoho!!

L, Dana

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