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December 02, 2016


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Love all your pinks, but the first one is my favorite.We used to have a car like the pink one. To bad we did not keep it. Enjoy your week.


My GOODNESS, Sweetpea!! You knew just how to catch my heart this cold day! That PINK one (ours white-over-sky-blue) was the car I learned to DRIVE in!! Or at least attempted---it was the first one we ever had, and Mother was so cautious that I not come in contact with even a single WEED by the roadside, she would be in a nervous shake the whole time, and swear never again each time she got out. I finally learned to drive 49 Plymouth that belonged to a school friend---he'd not done too well in English at Texas A&M and so I tutored him all one Summer after his Summer School classes at the local junior college.

Then we'd go out down a country lane where I couldn't run into anything, and drive for an hour. I can say I learned to STEER, anyway---STILL cannot work a clutch without stalling. Took me a lot of teaching, and a term paper to get all those driving lessons!

I'd just stand and look at our gleaming blue car---so pristine and kept that way with my every-Saturday careful washing---because it was the one perfect new thing we'd ever had of our own.

One funny thing---a gentleman that I went out with just before I met Chris drove one, and I was astonished how big the steering wheel was, and how much strength it took to steer. What a fun memory.

And, of course, PINK.



I'd love that car, too!! Let's put that on our Christmas lists! hohoho!

I had a great sale this weekend....but as usual i'm spending the day recovering from it! After church and breakfast I took a nap (tried) but coulnd't sleep cuz the Chiefs game was too exciting!! They won again!! Then I unloaded my van of the craft show display stuff...followed by putting the fresh tree up in the stand, then fixing dinner and doing laundry! I threw my PS post together and now need to iron and go to the basement to make two snowmen to deliver early in the morning! wonder I'm exhausted!! haha

Hope all is well with you!!

L, Dana


Happy Pink Saturday, Jeanne. I know you are working away decorating and preparing for your Christmas party.

Does this mean I am getting the pink one for Christmas this year? I have tried very hard to be good. WooHoo!!!

This post is being featured on my Pink Saturday this week as "the one that caught my eye".♥

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