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December 16, 2016


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You did good on your table setting for that many people. Having buffet style is definitely the only way to go. I love the way you used the deer.Take care my friend and stay warm.If the weather man is right, I may freeze next week.


How beautifully welcoming and charming! And you know----PINK. I find it absolutely lovely, with all the places filled and the table so festive. Ours tomorrow night for a little gathering of us five ladies---I think this is the 12th annual, but I lose track. Just finished polishing the silver, and the house is fragrant with Caro's wonderful treats from upstairs.

Tonight was Sweetpea's piano recital, and out of the perhaps fifty I've attended (including about twenty of my own, then the children and GRANDS and friends) this was absolutely the BEST ever. Even the instructors joined in, and Sweetpea's teacher played the most heart-touching Chopin prelude. And selfishly, I'm just glad she's teaching, and not in the concert hall, where she probably belongs.

Someday, my Dearie, we'll sit down at a table together---you're always SO welcome at mine!

love and,


laura quaglia

It is so pretty, everyone will feel so fancy.
HPS Laura


How many times have I told you I LOVED those dishes? Gobs....I know! :)

Your table settings are always lovely....this one is no exception!!

I'm not ready for Christmas!! We got freezing drizzle last it's awful here today. Snow is also on its way. hohoho!

I hope things clear up by Mon. so I can finish shopping. I'm meeting Bonnie for our Christmas lunch on Tues...and I haven't finshed her gift buying!! She's easy to buy for because we like the very same things! :)

Hope you are warm and snug on your mountain!! Did you bake cookies with your sisters this year? I think my daughter and I are going to make sugar cookies this afternoon....after I take a nap! :)

Have a great weekend!! L, Dana


Beautiful dishes...the table looks so warm, pretty and welcoming...just my kind of decorating...xoxo


oops...came by for BM


Beautiful table setting share! I am sorry your internet is down. I was all set to stop by but will wish you a Merry Christmas to see wheny ou are up and running again. Hugs. xo

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