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January 21, 2017


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So sorry you are having no internet. I miss you, but understand. There has been a lady,Magical Mystical Teacher, having a Blue Monday Two where we link in during your absence. Perhaps she would be willing to do it. Let me hear from you when you can. Take care.


I'm missing you so much, darling Jeanne, but I do understand your situation, I'm sure you're suffering this forced absence of yours !
As for Blue Monday, for a few weeks there's Blue Monday Two, as LV wrote you just above, we're linking our blog posts there ... but I'm waiting you to come back ... very soon !

Don't be so sad, Dearie,
see you soon

Xx Dany

Little wandering wren

Hi Jeanne - Thank you for letting us know and for continuing with Blue Monday. It was lovely of you to take on Blue Monday and Sally will be smiling down at you I'm sure! Hopefully your internet will be sorted, I hope you are picking up some good books whilst you are at the library as you might have some extra time to read them! With lots of best wishes
Wren x


Awwww, gee. I was just coming over here to join you today. I have enjoyed Blue Monday very much and thank you for the fun. Wishing you the very best in finding a new server.


Oh Jeanne I am so very sad to see you go. i am also sorry about all the internet woes. Technology is wonderful when it works! I will keep in touch with you and wish you well. I am here: these days if you want to chat when you have internet sometime. Hugs and Blessings xo


Dear Jeanne
I've been keeping my fingers crossed that your internet issues would be resolved.
I'm hoping you will be back hosting Blue Monday just as soon as you are able.
Take care
ps you can email me!


Thank you Jeanne for all of the Blue Monday's you hosted, every week was appreciated. I hope that your internet problem (lack of) will be resolved, its a long way to the library to take care of online business.


Awww.... I'm so sorry you're having internet issues, Jeanne! I hope you're doing well though, my friend.

much love,

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