August 31, 2008


BluemondayI like the idea of Blue Monday.  Sally, at Smiling Sally, is hosting  Blue Monday, so we can post our blue treasures and other blue items to share.  I have a few blue things to share, but today I am showing a few beautiful blue things from a store I love, called Glo's Place.Blue_monday
This Colbalt blue dish is striking.  The blue and white is lovely too.  The sunburst mirror gives it a neat backdrop.

Even if you didn't like blue you have to admire this planter.

I love this tiled kitchen cabinet,  The blue and white would be gorgeous in a blue and white kitchen.  I love blue and white with an accent in yellow.  Dream on.

Thank you Sally for a fun idea.  I sure enjoyed it very much.  Just wait until all those blue and white collectors get these ideas for posting their treasures.  And what about the cobalt blue collectors?  They are going to say "it's about time"

Blessings to you all...Jeanne


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Beautiful! Thank you for all your prayers and blessings!
Have a wonderful Labor Day,
kari & kijsa


Don't forget to come and log in so that everyone will know what a great post you've got up.

I love cobalt blue, and I love that huge blue and white planter!

What a pretty post you have for us today. I like blue but I haven't ever decorated with it...hmm, I wonder why when I see all the pretties.. Sending you sweet healing thoughts!
;-) Bo

What lovely blue! I really liked the cabinet too and the dishes on it are divine!!! I'd love to have a home that I could put something like this in my house.

Everything you shared is lovely.

Enjoy your labor day. I hope you are resting and on the way to a complete recovery!

take care,

I, too, am excited about BLUE MONDAY...now, I have a LOT of blue to post about.
How are you feeling this morning? Oh, I know the soreness will take awhile longer to start feeling better. Thank goodness for pain pills. I still take one every now and then...if I have been up on the old legs a lot or have done a lot of walking. I wish I lived close enuf to bring you somthing good to snack on, a good movie, a great magazine...guess I CAN send you prayers and thoughts, tho. Take good care and rest, rest, rest !
love, bj
Could you please send me your mailing address?

These are absolutely gorgeous blue treasures! I simply love them all and love the settings too!

Hi Jeanne! Love your blue posts today! I have my bedroom painted Cobalt-Pink looks very striking with cobalt! I love the little blue and white vase next to the gorgeous cobalt dish. Wishing you a wonder filled blue monday!

Happy Blue Monday to you my dear friend. I hope your blues will soon be by the wayside, and that things get moving along for you. Good times are in store for you.

Hi Jeanne , I am up and at it today cleaning this nasty house. I have been doing to much blogging and not cleaning like I should . I can't clean this house like I used to could. Oh well, it will still be here.
Hope your doing better today. I know you will be glad when your running around again. When do you go back to the DR. ? I love that blue bird, they are so pretty. I need to go see Sally, I have a ton of blue stuff.
Well I gotta get back to the vacuum cleaner ! Bye ! HUGS !!

Jeanne! I'm so glad to see you blogging again! Hope everything is going well and you're feeling better. Big hug! Love, Vanessa

Oh, I think I would have spent way too much money in this shop! Great blue items! Happy Blue Monday to you!

Hi Jeanne,
Love your blue Monday post! I may have to jump on that bandwagon next week.

It has been a gray Monday here...but I'm so thankful that we missed the path of the storm. Our power hasn't blinked...and it looks like the folks in LA didn't have it too bad.
Thanks for your prayers!

Hi, Jeanne! So many lovely blues...I'm especially smitten with all the blue & white porcelain! This Blue Monday is great fun! Happy Week ((HUGS))

Dear Sis

So sorry I have not been up to visit as I have this terrible cold with sneezing and coughing and just do not want to share.smile. I made a peach & blueberry cobbler this morning and the children helped. (they are home from school for Labor Day. I was so proud of dh for keeping us informed about your daily routines through surgery and following. smile. We didn't get him the pager because he didn't need it ,He has perfected calling out Jeanne so well over your many years of wedded bliss that we decided he really didn't need it.SMILE Loving you and keeping you in our prayers. Carmen

I love that blue and white planter!

Hope you are feeling lots better, Jeanne!

I'm excited about blue Mon, too! I have lots of blue things!
I think I'd love this shop, too, that planter is to die for!

Ya gotta love a gorgeous blue ANYTHING! I sure hope you're feeling better. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

All that blue is so pretty! And that store is MY kind of store! I'd go broke shopping there :)

Hi Jeanne - I loved your blue objects. Gotta check out Glo's Place - I never would have dreamed there were so many beautiful things inside. Thanks for sharing. Hope your knee improves every day - gotta get back onto the walking trail (smile). Love ya, Linder!

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